Long Airport Layovers and Flying Economy Class - How to stay in Business Class Lounges for Cheap Using Priority Pass™

One thing that everybody probably hates about traveling are long and boring layovers-- those uncomfortable airport seats (if there is even any which is available to use), the expensive airport food, the change in the timezones, and generally just the idea of waiting for several hours to catch the next flight just when you got off another.

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Depending on the airport, your layover could be a luxury or a misery. Some airports are really beautiful but some are just really in bad shape. I have traveled to 125 countries (as of May 2019) so I know exactly what some of the world’s worst airports look like.

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What if all your layovers, regardless of which airport could be a luxurious one without paying for a Business Class Ticket? Will you get it? I bet you will! With Priority Pass, your boring layovers would never be the same!


Since 1992, Priority Pass has been providing frequent travelers with independent airport lounge access worldwide. This has started 25 years ago when their founder watched premium-class airline ticket holders enjoy the tranquility of airport lounges while he was in the chaotic departure hall.

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Since then, Priority Pass was created. This club is affordable to all where members can access 1,200+ airport lounges across 500 cities and 140 countries without having to pay for insanely expensive Business Class Tickets.


I am very excited to tell you about this and you should be too. These perks will change the way you look at layovers. It will even make you look forward to it!

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• Members get access to over 1,200+ airport lounges in over 130 countries across the globe

• You can also have complimentary refreshments including alcohol in most lounges (and I’m telling you, these refreshments are really good and some of them even have a buffet style!)

• A quiet space to work or wind down before your flight

• Free Wi-Fi and handy charging points in most lounges

• Comfortable seats and quiet spaces which is something you’ll really need in a busy airport

• Conference rooms, showers and other facilities in selected lounges

• Access to exclusive retail, dining, spa and sleeping options in selected airports


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I know some of you are not frequent travelers wherein you’ll probably think that joining the club is not even worth it. The team knew from the start that there are different kinds of travelers and this is exactly why Priority Pass have crafted out these membership plans:

1) Standard Priority Pass- For an annual fee of 89 Euros, you and another guest can access 1,200+ airport lounges worldwide for only 28 Euros each. This plan is perfect for those who travel once in a while.

2) Standard Plus Pass- For an annual fee of 259 Euros, members can get to access these airport lounges 10 times for free and 28 Euros after which. Members can also bring in a guest for 28 Euros. This membership plan is ideal for those traveling a couple of times every few months.

3) Prestige Pass-  For an annual fee of 399 Euros, guests can access all lounges for free and bring in a guest for only 28 Euros. Now if you’re someone who constantly travels like us, then this is the best plan for you!

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Having traveled across 100+ countries across all the continents, I think I have probably seen the best and the worst airports in the world. After a long flight, I believe everyone’s little luxury is a clean toilet where you can just brush your teeth and freshen up in peace without feeling any pressure to rush with all the line building up. What if you can have this and even a shower area? What about a comfortable and quiet space where you can just stretch out your tired limbs from the long flight? Also, a working space with fast & working wifi coupled with drinks including coffee or alcohol? What about some snacks (which could cost you a dime when you’re not in the lounge)? I bet you’d love to have this and considering all these perks, I think it’s worth it!

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  • Yes, it’s worth it because you can make use of your idle time well. Your layover doesn’t have to be a boring and unproductive one. With the Priority Pass, you can now make use of that time having a complete rest, a total refreshment, or even having work done!

  • Yes, it’s worth it because you could munch on some delicious and local delicacies. Who says you have to go through the immigration, out of the airport, and take an expensive airport taxi and rush back to catch your flight just to “experience” a country through its local delicacies? Not with the priority pass as the lounges usually have their local delicacies on the menu. Yum!

  • Yes, it’s worth it especially when you’re traveling a couple of times a year. If you’re someone who travels at least 4x a year with long layovers, then I think you’d get the lost out of your money. If you compute the fees of having to pay for Business Class Tickets or having to pay for airport food in these layovers, you’d see the difference. The cost of one Business Class flight would have already covered your membership fee.

  • Yes, it’s worth it because you can even bring a guest. Where is the fun in having access to a lush lounge when your company is out there somewhere in the airport? There’s no fun in that at all. With just 28 Euros, he/she can also have access to a comfortable lounge, thanks to you and your membership at Priority Pass.

  • It’s worth it, because you’re worth it. It’s not so bad to spend a little more for our much needed comfort in these long and tiring flights. I believe you deserve this and it’s like a virtual pat on the back for doing a job well done, and for working so hard to be able to afford to travel. I think it will be nice to treat yourself to a little luxury after having endured a long journey. Remember, you’re worth it!


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