How To Make Money While Sailing The World (Beginner's Guide To Independent Travelling)

Being surrounded by nature while exploring is definitely a dream for tons people. While sailing around the world can be an amazing experience, it can also be stressful.

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As an independent traveler, you may experience some unease regarding finance while on the sea. Is it even possible to make money while living on the vast ocean in the middle of nowhere? The good news is that the answer is yes!

Six Months On - Six Months Off

Not many people know about this option. I didn’t either until just a few months ago. You can work during the winter months and take six months off to sail wherever your heart desires. You could even go on an all-inclusive getaway with your lover.

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If you are new to sailing, this is a way to ease into the liveaboard lifestyle. By sailing for six months and then working for six months, you won’t be stressing about how the bills will be paid.  A great idea is to put the money you earn into a savings account for the months which you will be on the sea.

It is best to sail during the summer season. If I was you I would work throughout winter so that during the warmer weather you will be able to drift away as far as the wind takes you.

Get A ‘Work-From-Home’ Job

Each year the number of people taking on the work-from-home job trend increases. I can only imagine how much more common it will be in the next few years. Already more and more companies are seeing the value in having employees work from home.


Of course, these jobs can also be very challenging as you will need to be extremely disciplined. Even though it is a work-from-home job the given tasks will still need to be done by its due date.

Just because it is a work-from-home job doesn’t mean you need to physically be at home. You can do your job while on the sailboat. “How?”, you may ask.

Well, believe it or not, you can actually get a decent internet connection on your sailboat when you are a few miles offshore. After all, to work online all you really need is your laptop, WiFi and of course, a cup of coffee to keep you going.

Consultancy Job – On The Land

Perhaps you have the skills to do consultancy. A successful past record in any particular field could help you get involved in some consultancy projects.

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This job allows a lot of flexibility. You are able to decide when you want to work and where. The nice thing about this job is that there are plenty of different consultancy projects available.

The best part about doing consultancy work is that you can actually plan your sailing based on your clients. Have someone in Florida for May, and then a new client in Miami for July? Well, there is your route right there!

Consultancy Job – On The Sea

If you are interested in consultancy work but don’t want to leave the sea, I have great news for you. This career doesn’t require only face-to-face service.

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Consultancy sessions often take place over a phone call. In fact, many people prefer speaking over the phone when it comes to consultancy issues.

It is not rocket science to create an online service offering. It may be time-consuming and challenging but it is possible. It will bring you in some cash while you sailing away. If you want to learn more about becoming a digital consultant, you can check out this article.

All Aboard

Many people who sail are aware of some sort of trade but they do not consider offering it to the boating community. You could make money while sailing by offering services aboard or near the boat. Everyone has at least one talent they could use to make some extra cash.

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Here are some ideas for services you could offer both aboard and near the boat:

  • Hairdresser

  • Sailing Cruise (You could offer cruises for tourists by using your own boat)

  • Massage Therapist

  • Photographer

  • IT Expert

The above list of services will give you an idea of just what you may to offer. It is great to also think outside the box. If you are talented baker why not bake some cookies or brownies and sell them to tourists who are near the boat. You could even sell them to fellow sailors.


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