Kach Solo Travels Day 32: My Long Term Goals.. Dreaming Big here in Crete, Greece

If you’ve met me years ago then you already know that my long-term goal is to retire and build a nice villa overlooking a bay somewhere around the world but then one of my dreams is to live in Greece at some point in my life (maybe after watching Mamma Mia years ago!! 💋)

Then Jonathan changed our whole life when he decided that we’re going to live on a sailboat.. at first I was hesitant! I always wanted to have a home.. I never lived in a house that we own (my mom used to rent houses or live with relatives when we were younger!) so when my husband said that we’ll live on the water.. I was a little bit disappointed.. ha, I’ll always be nomadic but I want stability! But eventually, I become super inlove with sailing! Haha 😬

Since last year, I started visualizing our life.. maybe 6 months sailing around the world and 6 months living in a Greek villa hosting parties for our family and friends! 💋 and to tell you the truth, this trip is my first time in Greece (and it’s my country 111th 🙏) but I knew deep down in my heart that I’m going to live here! 🤪

It feels great that my impossible dream seems to be materializing anytime soon.. I don’t know when but I know SOON! Haha 🤪

I’ve always dreamt of becoming a housewife.. not just a housewife but a homemaker and I think traveling the world makes me better and better in achieving that dream! I’m learning what beddings are good, the table set up, what food to serve, what wine is the best to drink and what interior decoration I want to have - in short, how to be the best host I will be and how I can make my husband really happy and content! You might find it odd esp knowing my personality.. but yes, after all these adventures all I want is to raise my cats (Captain Ahab & Zissou) to be happy and spoiled, cook the best meals for my husband and host parties to all of our friends all over the world who will visit us whether on the sailboat or at our villa (esp those who hosted us during these 5 years of crazy adventures!) Haha 😂😂

How about you guys, how do you see yourself 15 years from now?? ❤️ How old are you by that time? 🙏Haha 😂😂


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Kach Solo Travels Day 32: My Long Term Goals.. Dreaming Big here in Crete, Greece
Kach Solo Travels Day 32: My Long Term Goals.. Dreaming Big here in Crete, Greece
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