Liveaboard Life Day 109: Dinner date with my love (Wednesday Pizza Night at Las Velas Restaurant)

“Take our photo with our food, please!”

“Your head or the pizza?

“Pizza, please!” Ayan putol tuloy ulo ni Jonathan! Hahaha

These are the only photos from tonight.. we asked our “non-blogging” friend to take our shot.. hahaha! You can’t complain since I asked the favor and gave a very confusing instruction! Hahaha! Thanks Cliff 🤪🤪

I’ve been busy with online work this week and too lazy to cook our dinner.. since it’s Pizza night (Pizza and Pasta for half the price).. Jonathan and I decided to eat out again while I had my piña colada and he had beer!

Bukas back to gusgusin! hihi 🤪