12 Best Cities to Study Yoga Around the World

Yoga and travel blend seamlessly in this list of 12 best cities to study yoga around the world. Each destination offers a unique expression of the yogic lifestyle, with little details that make every one standout. Include a few in your globetrotting itinerary and indulge in the exotic and adventurous, all whilst deepening your all-important yoga practice.

1. Bali, Indonesia

It does not matter where in the world you first learned or practiced yoga – all roads lead to Bali. All yogis set foot here if not immediately, then eventually. For children there is Disneyland, for yogis, there is Bali. Spend a week, a month, a year travelling around and growing your practice.

Come with a friend and let the harmonious space be your guide in finding your centre during your daily practice. Start your chanting and watch the good vibes flow through the garden and pavilion. With such a spiritual setting, you are sure to find the motivation you need to open up, grow, and heal.

Our pick: Shankari’s Bali Retreat

2. San Pedro, Belize

Something about the mix of yoga and water makes Belize an absolute charmer to deepen your practice. All sorts of unique yoga on the water retreats are available throughout the year. Finding your centre will not prove too difficult when you are surrounded with white sand and gorgeous beaches all the time. Plenty of beachside socializing, snorkelling, and massages help, too.

Our pick: Exotic Caye Resort

3. Nassau, The Bahamas

People come to The Bahamas to relax, and if this dream landscape does not revive you, nothing will. Pack your yoga mat and head to Nassau. Let the gorgeous beaches bring new meaning to your breathing exercises. Soak the sun and the sky and meditate all hours surrounded by the splendid view of the Caribbean.

The ultimate catch? Get ready to be airborne with your asanas! Join the anti-gravity yoga program that combines traditional yoga with aerial art, along with Pilates and dance.

Our pick: The Island House

4. Paro, Bhutan

Shrouded in magic and mystery, Bhutan is a deeply spiritual country. A sacred atmosphere pervades its mountains, monasteries, and yoga retreats, making it a powerful location for meditative practice. Bhutan yoga tours are popular with travellers where you immerse yourself in morning and evening practice and explore the country the rest of the time. This involves scenic hikes, cultural immersion, and many delicious dumplings.

Our pick: Zhiwa Ling

5. Kauai, Hawaii

Can you think of a more restorative destination than Hawaii? The mere mention of the place draws a smile on the face and changes the attitude.

Head to magical Kauai and join the many wellness retreats that not only strengthen your yoga practice but also connect you to the local culture nicely. Traditional Hawaiian ceremonies are added into the program to encourage renewal and purification.

Moreover, is there a need to discuss how gorgeous the landscape is? The bay, mountains, and seas are beyond beautiful. And as they say, beautiful things attract other beautiful things so you are in for a delightful time for sure!

Our pick: St. Regis Princeville Resort

6. Taghazout, Morocco

A strong yoga practice heightens the exotic appeal of Morocco. But its culture adds so much more to the activity that balances the seriousness with a lot of fun. For instance, yoga is often mixed with surfing in the numerous weeklong retreats offered throughout the year. A typical day includes morning and evening yoga classes overlooking the Atlantic, nourishing meals, beach time, experiencing traditional Moroccan steam baths and massages, and horse and camel riding.

Our pick: Surf Maroc

7. Munich, Germany

This Bavarian heritage presents plenty of Alpine cliches but it also has unexpected cards like powerful yoga retreats. A unique experience awaits, particularly one focused on May 1. The day is celebrated with Prana Vinyasa solar-lunar sessions, Soma Prana Vinyasa, or tantric Yin yoga sessions, plus spring lifestyle vitality practices. There is also a trance dance done at the end of retreats.

Our pick: Flushing Meadows

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

The lotus flower resonates with the people of New Orleans. Strong interest in yoga blossomed here in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – a beautiful thing out of the mud. After the tragedy, people turned to yoga for sustenance, the practice lending them vitality and power.

For any yoga, there is much to learn in this kind of atmosphere. There is an overall sense of healing and revival. In addition, let the iconic street music of New Orleans soothe your senses. Celebrate life in the numerous yoga-related live-music events take place throughout the year.

Our pick: Loews New Orleans Hotel

9. Rishikesh, India

The yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh is a holy town and a pilgrimage site for yogis. There is no shortage of ashrams here but the key in getting the most out of your practice is picking the right one with a style of yoga and meditation that suits your taste. The best time to come is between February and May or September to November. Outside of your yoga hours, trekking and rafting rank high in leisure pursuits, as well as sightseeing.

Our pick: Rishikesh Sadan A Yoga & Spritual Retreat

10. Are, Sweden

If you desire to incorporate some well-deserved alone time in your yoga practice, come to the Swiss Alps. Meditate and practice Ujayi breathing while taking in brilliant views of the Are. Fill your days with morning and afternoon yoga classes, skiing, hot tub and sauna, and delicious meals amidst a spectacular setting.

Our pick: Copperhill Mountain Lodge

11. Phuket, Thailand

Serenity, calm, and glamour are abundant in Phuket – an irresistible location for yoga practice. Take classes overlooking the Andaman Sea. Meditate along the secluded beaches and quiet coves. Let the spectacular scenery be your inspiration in finding and building your inner strength.

For more focused learning, do private yoga lessons. Sure, there is a positive communal feeling with group classes but sometimes it is enriching to just take a moment all your own to indulge your practice.

Our pick: Sri Panwa

12. Tulum, Mexico

Candlelit practices in this bohemian paradise easily transform you. The change of environment has a visceral effect. Planted between the Mexican jungle and the sunny Caribbean, you connect faster to the Earth and firmly take root. The local fauna, underground caves, and Mayan ruins are extraordinary to behold, giving you an organic feeling and experience of the natural world you never knew existed.

Our pick: Papaya Playa Project

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