Our Anniversary Getaway To Jamaica - Our All-Inclusive Experience At Couples Resorts in Negril

For years Jamaica has been at the top of our list of countries we want to visit. The home of Bob Marley and Reggae and probably the most 'chilled' country in the world! Initially, we were thinking about sailing there, but it would have been taking us in the opposite direction to where we were going and then having to fight against the trade winds to get back again. 

Our Anniversary Getaway In Jamaica - Our Wonderful Experience At Couples Resort

It was nearing the 5th year anniversary to the day since we had met in Laos and we couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than by going to Jamaica. Couples Resort in Negril also sponsored our 7-night stay so it was a perfect match! Luckily we’re currently based in the Dominican Republic so flying to other Caribbean Countries is easy. Or so we thought...


We flew with InterCaribbean that has a connecting flight to Turks & Caicos before flying to Kingston (the capital of Jamaica) and then on to Montego Bay, the airport in Western Jamaica closest to the resort. Well, we were unfortunate because the flight was delayed and, there are some unexpected issues with immigration so Jonathan and I missed our 20-minute connecting flight from Kingston to Montego Bay!

So it was 7 PM when we arrived in Kingston - there were no more available connecting flights and the taxi service going to Montego Bay was almost $300 USD! I think if we were first-time travelers then this would have been a crazy start to the trip. But we’re not, so as usual we just looked for the simplest solution. If they weren't going to get us there, we would just get ourselves there!

So, what we did that surprised the Jamaican airport staff who assisted us was just to rent a car. They were hesitant since it was night time, our first time on the road in Jamaica, and the cars are there are right-hand drive. What they forgot is that Jonathan is British so driving on this side of the road is natural for him! Hahaha! We spoke with several rental companies and found the cheapest one for $81 per day one way.

Our Anniversary Getaway In Jamaica - Our Wonderful Experience At Couples Resort
Our Anniversary Getaway In Jamaica - Our Wonderful Experience At Couples Resort

We didn’t have mobile internet so I just pre-loaded the directions on Google Maps and things went perfectly - we reached our hotel at around midnight! Hahaha! There were 2 expressways that crossed the entire country, we just had to pay $20 for toll fees but it was worth it to get to where we were going!

Our Anniversary Getaway In Jamaica - Our Wonderful Experience At Couples Resort

The best thing that happened was that our car rental was good until the next day so we used it for a road trip and day tour around the beautiful Negril and Montego Bay. We went driving around the City and had a quick stopover at Margaritaville. It was a wonderful view of the ocean from the road and we a great day driving around! We dropped the car off later in the afternoon and then we hitched a ride back to the Couples Resort with their private shuttle. ♡


Our Anniversary Getaway In Jamaica - Our Wonderful Experience At Couples Resort

If you’re planning an out of town or out of the country trip with your partner for your anniversary, honeymoon, engagement, or even renewal of vows... I think you’ll love the Couples Resorts properties - Couples Negril where we stayed for 3 beautiful nights, and Couples Swept Away where we spent 3 nights celebrating the 5 years we've known each other! Seriously, you can celebrate any milestone of your relationship in this resort! Here are the lovely things we did while we’re within the resort’s complex:

1. EAT -  All the restaurants in Couples Negril, namely the Cassava Terrace (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Beach Grill & Heliconia (features grills, salads, and Jamaican delights' during the day at the Beach Grill and sample grilled specialties and Mediterranean), Lychee (Asian), and Otaheite (Elegant Caribbean) serve amazing local and international food. All of them have a perfect romantic ambiance which is ideal for all the couples out there. As if it’s not enough, they have a fruit & veggie bar as well as in-suite dining for selected rooms.

Couples Swept Away isn’t left behind. Their restaurants; The Palms which offers open-air dining, Patois Patio (Caribbean and Latin), Seagrape Cafe, Cabana Grill, Lemongrass, and Feathers are equally marvelous as those of Couples Negril.

We had several romantic dinners at Otaheite where we had a luxurious 5-course meal, Lemongrass with superb Asian cuisine, and Feathers where we had another gourmet dining experience - I’m giving the food, the atmosphere, and the service a giant thumbs up! The best part is that almost everything is open 24/7! So every time we wake up craving for something like steak, seafood, or even a fruit shake, we could get it at this resort.

2. SLEEP - Our rooms in both resorts are beautiful. We had the Deluxe Ocean Room in Couples Negril and a Beachfront Veranda at Couples Swept Away. They were so very beautiful that we sometimes just didn't want to leave the room! The beds were so comfortable (we have a comfy bed in our sailboat too but it’s not big enough), there was a lot of space, and the view is magnificent. The wooden touch in every room from the floor, the window, chairs, closets, and even the bedpost made the overall Caribbean feel complete.

3. REPEAT #1 and #2- I swear the resort has everything you’ll ever need for your much needed R&R. Weren’t it for our rental car, we wouldn’t even go out haha. Excuse me as I weep for all the pounds I gained from this trip! :p

4. WE ENJOYED THE BEACH AND ALL THE WATERSPORTS- The popular Seven Mile Beach right outside Couples Swept Away and the crystal clear water, as well as the powdery white sand, makes for a perfect location. What made our stay complete were the water activities that are all included in your stay. They have water skiing, windsurfing, Hobie cat sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. By the way, if you are a licensed Scuba Diver, there are 2 free dives per day waiting for you!

5. WE WENT ON A CATAMARAN CRUISE - One of our goals is to own a Catamaran one day so riding on one made us feel even more motivated. We had drinks, listened to great reggae music, danced, swam, snorkeled, watched the sunset, and met a lot of couples of all ages. It’s just wonderful to be surrounded by people who are all in love :) This trip was also included as part of our stay at Couples!

6. WE DRANK A LOT OF RUM!- We both drink occasionally but this time, we had a little more because Rum in the Caribbean is one of the best! And the crazy part is all the premium branded spirits in this resort are also all included! We had pinacoladas, margaritas, and gin and tonics. Sometimes when we felt like staying in, we just ordered one bottle and mixed drinks in our room!

7. WE LISTENED TO ONE OF THE BEST PIANISTS I’VE HEARD (in the Caribbean)- As soon as Paul started playing his first notes in the piano room of Couples Negril, we were instantly smitten. I don’t even know how long we stayed here but this piano room instantly became our favorite spot thanks to this wonderful pianist and his entertaining personality. You have to hear him and see him to understand!


Absolutely! Couples Resorts is priced at the high end, but then again they are not trying to be anything less.  If you're looking for a luxury romantic getaway in the Caribbean, then any one of the Couples Resorts in Jamaica will be well worth it!

Our Anniversary Getaway In Jamaica - Our Wonderful Experience At Couples Resort

Just so you know, this resort is exclusively for couples. If you want to win a free 5-night stay at Couple’s Tower Isle Resort, join here! The winner will be announced on June 15. Hurry and join now :)

P.S. If you have a Philippines passport then a Visa is REQUIRED. You CAN’T use the UK, USA or Schengen visa here. The process is easy at any Jamaican Consulate/ Embassy. For British, it’s visa-free to enter Jamaica.

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