Sailing Life Day 335: We're still in Ponce, Puerto Rico 😍

Finally the package that we've been waiting arrived so we're just waiting for the good weather to continue the sailing adventures and hopefully go to the next "country" ⛵️

The other day, our friend Rafa and his wife visited us again.. brought us to PF Chang's for lunch and had a very nice meal - we ate a lot of food! Then they drove us to the Historical center of Ponce which is beautiful 😍

After that, he brought us to different stores to provision again - to the National hardware store to buy boat stuff, to Walmart to buy a new bed topper and to Sam's club to buy more water and vegetables! After full day of driving us around, he also brought us to fill our propane tank so we can cook again!

Unbelievable with the kindness of people here.. as you know, we're always independent whenever we travel but we always meet locals who are happy to help and show us around! 😍

How about you guys, have you met memorable / "friends for life" kind of people during your travels?