Sailing Life Day 316: Boat Projects while in Puerto Real, Puerto Rico

If you've noticed, we've been staying in Puerto Real, Southwest town of Puerto Rico longer than expected because we have a lot of packages and online orders for the boat and personal stuff 😜

Jonathan just changed our raw water pump for the engine - not a big problem but just to upgrade it and avoid any future issues! He also started to replace all of our windows - we had to order a customized cut of Lexan acrylic while in the Dominican Republic! 🤪

Then he finally installed the nets for the cats so they won't fall over when they're running around like crazy but of course they are cats so they climbed and could jump whenever they want 😱 glad they know how to swim!! 😂 While he's doing the boat upgrades, I was busy working online and doing our laundry for the bedsheets etc 🤙 Teamwork it is 😜

Yesterday, I went to the mall and cinema with our sailing friends.. bought some stuff for us and finally new shoes (been using the same wedge since 2016, now got a new one and time to let go of the old one 😂)! Jonathan decided to also clean our composting toilet while I was away so I was really happy to know that! 😍

Tomorrow or on Tuesday, we'd continue and move to our next stop and do more snorkeling! wooohoo 😍

Sailing life is just like living on land.. it's just doing the normal chores are more complicated being on the water but the best is being able to bring our home and the cats to some of the most beautiful islands in the world 😍 Follow along and watch the video stories on IG and here 💋

Sailing Life Day 316 Another productive week on the boat.jpg
Sailing Life Day 316 Another productive week on the boat 9.jpg
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