Sailing Life Day 8: Learning How to Cook While in Bimini, The Bahamas

Hello mga labs.. I know some of you are wondering how’s my cooking progress so far! Hahaha! I forgot to share since most of the photos on my phone is Captain Ahab 😂 This week, we also had issues with our propane leak but Jonathan finally fixed it! ❤️

I’m still learning how to cook and thank God they are lesser “sunog” days! 🤣🤣 I’ve been cooking the same food in the last few months and now willing to learn and follow the recipe you shared me last time! Our boat is “provisioned” for 6 months of food supply but mostly canned goods and plastic-packed items ✔️

We will still need to buy fresh chicken, beef and veggies along the way (Jonathan only eats bacon for pork and not keen on eating other pork dishes... I tried to be vegetarian/ vegan but the mindset is still not fully set). Anyway, hoping we’ll learn to catch our own fish and get lobsters while we’re here so we can make more ceviche! Yay! 🙏

If you have any potato or beef recipe you can share with me.. please comment! Willing student here ❤️ #WalaNgSunog