Liveaboard Life Day 88: From Sailing Life to Liveaboard Life in Luperon, Dominican Republic

Hello mga labs, we’re back home to our simple boat life.. but officially this week Jonathan are back to being “liveaboards” from “sailors”! Haha!

We just bought Jonathan’s motorbike which will serve as our transportation while we’re here in the Dominican Republic.

Our initial plan when we left Florida is to sail as fast as we can to reach Colombia since we lived there in 2014 and really love the Latino culture and we were planning to be based and live there for a while since it’s visa-free for 6 months for both of us! We’ve never been to DomRep before but when we arrived here last month, we felt that it’s almost the same as living in Colombia (but cheaper)! People are incredibly nice, food is cheap, there’s a safe place to “park” our boat and we can easily travel anywhere because the airports are near.

Instead of rushing and sailing south, we’ll be based here for 2018! Hurricane season will start next month so a lot of sailors in the Caribbean and USA East coast are looking for the safe harbour for their boats.. We’re in Luperon Bay which is known to be one of the best hurricane holes in the Caribbean, we bought a mooring ball (for $250 and chain for $100) so we don’t have to pay monthly fees! Our electricity is from our solar panel while we purchase water for $1 per 5 gal. container! So, we’ll be able to save more in the next few months!

Captain Ahab also needs to be healthier and the Vets recommended him to be under medication and no stress.. so we’ll also have to wait until he turns older (he’s still 7 months kitten)! hihi 🐈

While for me, I have to stay “put” and finish a lot of pending projects before I travel with my Mama and sister in August-September. Planning to go to Haiti but it’s an easy bus ride crossing the border from where we are so no rushing!👍

Jonathan is actually busy nowadays learning how to build boats (remember the French boat builder we met last month?) so he’s been away most of the day!

So let’s see where we will be next year but you’ll read more about our “expat” life here this 2018! It’s been a while since we last stayed in one place for months, the last time was when we lived in Bogota, Colombia for 7 months in 2014. Feels really great to have a place to return to and to call home.❤️⛵️

For the visa, it’s visa-free for British and for me with Philippines passport needs to have a valid USA visa to make it visa-free. No questions asked at the Immigration as well!

We’re definitely “adulting” now and here’s where I will spend the last 2 months of my 20s! I just wish to improve my cooking skills!

P.S. Any natural remedy tips for sinusitis? My runny nose has never stopped since we started living on the boat so I’ve been cleaning molds and dust everyday but I don’t want to be dependent on anti-histamines.

Liveaboard Life Day 89: From Sailing Life to Liveaboard Life in Luperon, Dominican Republic
Liveaboard Life Day 89: From Sailing Life to Liveaboard Life in Luperon, Dominican Republic