Sailing Life Day 290: Beginning the New Season of Sailing in the Caribbean - Leaving Luperon for Samana and Getting a Despacho

Hello everyone!! 😍

We just left last night at 7:30pm to continue our sailing adventures.. now hopping the coast of the Northern Dominican Republic! We had to do our immigration, despacho (exit document from the Navy office) and other stuff before we could leave Luperon.. but it all went smoothly 🤙

We had a major boat problem late last night, we tore our mainsail into half so we're now motoring and hoping we could use our friend's sewing machine or hire a local person to fix our sail when we arrive in Samana before we wait for another weather window to cross the Mona passage to Puerto Rico which would take 30 hours to 2 days.

This trip is quite challenging for us because we'd have to sail for almost 24 hours to reach our first stop and couldn't do faster now that we don't have the sail and the boat is much heavier now because of our dinghy, engine and the new aluminum hardtop but S/V Empress is handling it well and looking after us! Also, the fact that we haven't sailed since April earlier this year and now that we have two cats.

Jonathan just slept after being awake more than 24 hours and in charge of the helm last night while I look after the cats.. i'm now on the helm (driving) of the boat and will be on the shift in the next 6 hours ⛵️

Wish us the best weather and calm seas ⛵️ Appreciate if you can add us on your prayers 🙏

Everything happens for a reason and we'll be alright 😍 Positive vibes!

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