Sailing Life Day 291: Good morning from Marina Puerto Bahia in Samana, Puerto Rico😍

Our Empress is impressive.. even without the mainsail (we tore it into half at 3am🤨🤨) we made it to Samana.. we were making between 3knots and 4.5 knots the whole time the other night, crazy slow but at some point Jonathan put the jib up and we were doing 6 knots for 3 hours then we tack to go back to our route.. so much fun but a lot of fish nets to navigate around!

So happy that after 7 months in the harbour.. we did one of our longest overnight passage non-stop with just the motor - approx 116 nm + 30 nm after few hours of anchor.

We left Luperon on Monday at 19:46 then arrived at the anchorage in Playa El Valle on Tuesday at 21:30 then left again at 4:30am⛵️ still learning a lot but so happy that this is our first year of owning a sailboat and already cruising full-time.. proud of my Captain for making us this far esp not having any sailing background 😍 (I'm expert in hitchhiking, getting sponsors & crossing borders but not about sailboats yet ⛵️hahaha! )

Now, here we are now in a beautiful marina here in Samana (north east of the Dominican Republic) - fancy marina called Marina Puerto Bahia - Samana! First thing to do, get the main sail fixed before we cross the Mona passage to Puerto Rico! 🦁

Some photos during the last 3 days of sailing adventures in Northern coast of DomRep!

Thanks friends for all the messages and advices.. getting there!! ⛵️🤙🙏

Sailing Life Day 291 Good morning sunshine!! 😍5.jpg
Sailing Life Day 291 Good morning sunshine!! 😍10.jpg
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