Kach Solo Travels Day 43: Getting a Passport Stamp in Republic of San Marino

“Be amazed. Take a step back and look at your life with gratitude every now and then.” - TinyBuddha

Great weather in San Marino yesterday.. it was a little bit cold but very sunny! 🌞

Yesterday, I rode the cable car, walked around the center, bought some perfume (tax-free) and was just really enjoying my solo time. 🤗

I can now say that I really enjoy eating by myself.. just being more aware and “present” with what’s in front of me ❤️

I also found out that I could get a souvenir stamp on my passport to show proof that I entered San Marino! Haha! As some of you know, once you enter the Schengen region.. there will be no border controls so the only time your passport will be stamped is when you enter and exit to go home! Haha 😂

Hope you guys are having a fantastic week.. will be posting more photos later! It’s my 4th and last day in San Marino before I head to Naples, Italy 🤗

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