Kach Solo Travels Day 44: Hello from Napoli in Southern Italy! 💋

I did a little detour on my itinerary after learning that my cousin who I haven’t seen for 9 years (or so) is currently working on a cruise ship that docks in Naples! So since I have an unlimited access to trains with my Eurail pass. I decided to go here for 1 night/ 2 days.

I arrived yesterday afternoon from San Marino after traveling for about 6 hours with 2 different trains + 1 bus.. I decided to book a dorm bed in a backpacker hostel and thankfully the crowd is not that young so I didn’t really feel old! Haha! I also found out that a Filipino restaurant is just opposite the hostel so I had a very heavy lunch there.. they usually do buffet but only when there are cruiseship workers but they did an exemption for me after I requested to try their different food.. haha! Thanks Cicciarap Filipino restaurant in Naples, Italy 💋

I went back to the dorm and took a nap and at 7:30pm woke up because my roommate was a little bit noisy but it was okay.. hahaha! I ended up hanging out with 3 British and 1 Swiss-German lady and we had a great night eating pizza and babba then shared a prosecco and limoncello! 💋

Feeling backpacker for 2 days... hihihi 🤗🤗

Kach Solo Travels Day 44: Hello from Napoli in Southern Italy!
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