Sailing Life Day 308: Our week in Puerto Rico so far ⛵️

We definitely know that we're no longer in the Dominican Republic when we saw the prices of food, groceries and beer.. it's more expensive here! haha! Though DomRep and Puerto Rico is just beside each other.. it's different aside from only these two islands are Latinos and Spanish-speaking in the Caribbean!

Puerto Rico is a USA territory and so we were able to find USA brand, restaurants and stores here! We went to the mall few days ago to buy some kitchen stuff for the boat then lunch at Chilli's as it's been a while since we've been there.. forgot we're in the States now so the 18% bill tip is required! 🤗🤗

We'll be here for a little while since we ordered boat parts and personal things on amazon and it will be shipped after the holidays.. now, been catching up with sleep and work online 😜

The cats are loving it here because of the pelicans every sunrise and sunset.. they find them very entertaining! I won't be surprised if one day Zissou would jump into the water to catch them! hahaha 🦁🦁

Hope all is well with you guys.. now, time for me to write on my gratitude notebook of the things I'm thankful for this 2018! 😍

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