Sailing Life Day 54: Morning Massage and Childhood Flashback

After months, I finally had a massage treatment this morning here in Luperon! Her name is Anita, she’s working as a cook at the restaurant here in Las Velas Marina and her house is just a walking distance from it.. so I arranged this day with her day off! She only speaks Spanish but glad we were able to understand each other, Anita told me that she’s a single mother and has 2 children (1 boy who is 13 years old and a girl who is 10 years old).. as we arrived at her small apartment for my massage.. my childhood memory flashbacked clearly, and that’s what all I’ve been thinking the whole time I had my full-body massage.🤗🤗😍

I think I wrote about this before but just want to share a small glimpse of my childhood that helped me reach where I am today! At 7 years old, my parents separated and even prior to that, I was raised by my grandparents in San Pablo City, Laguna while my siblings (Krista and Jose) were raised by my father.. At the age of 9, my mom decided to bring all of us together so she returned to SPC and rented a small apartment and for the first time, I was with my siblings.. our 1-bedroom apartment was really tiny and my mom converted the living room to her small Dental Clinic (both of my parents are Dentist)! I remember only having one mattress on the floor where we all share because she said it’s “Japanese style” then we had a bamboo bed built, so we’re more Filipino style! Lol!😆🤣🤪

I was studying in a Private Catholic school because as what my Mama said, I was the eldest (and smartest) and she’ll invest on my education so I can help the family in the future. I was not intelligent, but I’ve always been “street smart” since my Lola used to bring me to Palengke for his small sari-sari store and I was able to be open to the “real adult world” at the young age. My mom couldn’t give me extra allowances, but I always loved having my own money, so I did some business at a young age - Isaw isaw store (street BBQ), Ice Candy, collected my Mama’s Pampanga’s Best Tocino sales so I get commissions, and a color game outside the house (the apartment owner owns a “peryahan” or a local circus in English). I invited neighbors kids to play and I think that’s the reason why I don’t gamble because I know that the “host/ capital” always wins! Since I was studying in a private school, most of my classmates were well-off and I was bullied in Elementary days.. I even brought some “friends” to our small house and that classmate told everyone how small our house was and and she kept making fun of me! Might not be a big deal now but if you’re a child, it was’ Ha, I will never forget her(already forgiven)! 🤓

From that small apartment, my mom taught us how to handwash our clothes, wash our dishes, clean the house and we prayed Angelus and rosary everyday and praying that one day our life will change! One time while cleaning, I was so tired and actually one of the reasons why I told my Mama that I will study in a good University (I eventually have a BS Economics degree in UP) then I will travel around the world, buy her a big house and become multi-millionaire (in US Dollars). I told her I won’t get married as I don’t want to be alone with kids like her.. well, thank God I met Jonathan (who is family-oriented)! ❤️

Just like Anita.. my Mama was a single mother and since she couldn’t afford raising the 3 of us on her own, during that time my siblings were in Public schools which eventually changed since my father helped us and he paid for my siblings college education - my sister is now a Dentist and my brother graduated HRM and now working in a hotel (eventually he’ll have his own restaurant/ boutique hotel). And my father bought me a car for my 18th birthday and brought me to Kuwait to start my corporate career. How things have changed from my childhood to my college days! We’re indeed very blessed but it’s good that we experienced those at such a young age! 🤞

So just in case you’re wondering why I’m “fearless” on following my dreams.. It’s because I came from nothing and I’m not afraid to start from the bottom which what Jonathan and I did together when we started traveling the world together in 2013. And the secret? Always be grateful. 🙏🤩

Anyway, I’ve decided to book 3 times a week massage with Anita so we can help with her house rental and it’s also good for my body! Yay! Life is good! ❤️

P.S. If you’re from San Pablo and can go to San Lucas 2 Putol, you’ll find this Rosales compound just opposite the Meralco subdivision and our apartment unit is just by the street.. if you can take photo, I’ll send you a postcard from
here! Haha 🤪🙏⛵️

Sailing Life Day 54: Morning Massage and Childhood Flashback
Sailing Life Day 54: Morning Massage and Childhood Flashback
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