Expat Life in Montenegro Day 5: My MOM is here in Montenegro ✈️🙏🏽😍

If you followed my yearly travels with my mother then you know that every year we go to new cities/ countries.. the last time I saw her was last year in New York, USA.

After our morning tour with Turistička organizacija Herceg Novi - Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi we picked up my mom from Tivat airport! She flew all the way from Kuwait - it’s a short flight but have layovers in Abu Dhabi and Serbia (looking for a shorter route next time). She’s also able to clear Immigration with her Philippines passport with valid USA visa and no questions asked aside from wondering why she’s carrying 40 kilos of food on her luggage! hahaha 😆😆

We went to the Restoran Kantula for her welcome dinner and had the amazing fish platter then we went to the supermarket for fresh food.. 🙂

Mom brought a lot of Filipino food and already cooked sopas for breakfast 😍

(for UAE residents, you can enter Montenegro with your PHL passport for max of 10 days. For others, as long as you have multiple entry UK and Schengen visa then you can also enter visa-free in Montenegro)

Expat Life in Montenegro Day 4 My MOM is here in Montenegro.jpg
Expat Life in Montenegro Day 4 My MOM is here in Montenegro6.jpg
Expat Life in Montenegro Day 4 My MOM is here in Montenegro9.jpg


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