Kach Solo Travels Day 47: Lunch with a Blog reader in Valletta, Malta

I have so many photos to share from my walking tour around Valletta, Malta yesterday but I actually spent my late afternoon having lunch and drinks with this very lovely reader.. I think Ate Sarah and I met in our past life! Hahaha ❤️

We had a very fancy lunch at Risette Restaurant which is located in Casa Ellul’s Boutique Hotel.. Ate Sarah worked there and the staff were treating us like special guests. love it! Then we went for a walk to another bar and had our Aperol Spritz (basically a mixed prosecco) then we talked about life and how we reached this point of our lives!

Really love meeting readers on the road.. if any of you will be in Andorra, Porto, Serbia and Albania this month then would love to meet you 💋

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