29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online - Side Hustle Jobs to get Extra Money

Most of us spend a lot of our time on the internet especially on social media, that’s why we bagged another title: We are the World's Top Social Media User according to studies. The power of the internet is so vast we can actually do anything with the power of the internet with just a smartphone and/or PC. There’s more to it than posting OOTDs on IG and sharing our status on Facebook to get likes, shares, and comments. We can actually earn from it with 0 to less than 20,000 Pesos capital! I’m telling you now so get your CVs ready.. Here’s how :)

1) Declutter and sell your used stuff

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

I’m sure you’ve gone through your closet like 10 times but you end up wearing the same set of jeans you love and the tees you look and feel fabulous with. Your 10 pairs of shoes are getting dusty and some just get broken because of lack of some TLC. Why don’t you sell them because you’re barely using it anyway?? Online selling applications and websites like OLX and Shopee let you sell your stuff by just registering. You can also post it on your social media accounts and turn your trash into cash :p

2) Start an online business

Do you love going to Divisoria or Quiapo? If you do, then why not buy items in bulk for a cheaper price and sell it online by creating your own Instagram or FB page? Turn your Divisoria trip into a more fruitful and productive one next time :) (P.S. You don’t need a lot of capital!)

3) Invest your money on a farm

Another option than putting all your savings in a bank is to us it to support our local farmers by using Farm On PH where you can contribute your money to invest in a chosen crop and farm and you’ll get up to a maximum of 20% profit at the end of the cycle depending on how the harvest is. Don’t worry about typhoons-- Farm On will replace all the lost crops with seeds. It would take longer for you to get your money tho because some crops take 9 months to complete one cycle. (I don’t mind that, really)

4) Try affiliate marketing

Make the most out of your huge following by partnering with a brand, and then recommending their products or service to your followers. That way, when your followers go to that website with your unique affiliate link/promo code and buy something, you will be rewarded with a small share of the company’s profits :) Join ShareaSale to know more :)

5) Rent out your spare room/house/condo

If you have a room/house/condo unit up for rent but you can’t find a tenant yet, then you have to try leasing it out on AirBNB whether on a short-term or long-term. The best thing about this is the clients will be the one looking for you, and not the other way around. Offer them good services (provide them with clean sheets, towels, basic toiletries, etc.) and they might reward you with a 5 star review. That way, you can really turn this into a lucrative business.

6) Start a blog

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to start your blog.

If you like writing about anything under the sun-- be it about traveling, make-up, or lifestyle in general, then you can put up your own blog! Here's how you can monetize it and how other bloggers are making $3,000 and more per month! :)

7) Start a vlog oR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

If you feel comfortable being in front of a camera then you can try vlogging about anything too! Who knows you might be the next youtube sensation? :)

With that, you can get paid from advertisements, get brand partnerships and a lot of freebies. Not always easy to begin with and it will take a while to establish your audience but never lose hope!

8) Join online contests

There are some people who really devote their time joining online contests because joining now is just so easy. You don’t even have to buy anything from them! Just follow, like, and share the brand’s page and you’ll get the chance to win! Some people keep the prize to themselves but you can also choose to sell it :) (I know someone who won a brand new car, btw)

9) Be an online English Teacher

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

Since english is our 2nd language, we might as well put that advantage into a good use. Be an online english teacher and turn your spare time into a valuable one. You’ll be able to spend time teaching and inspiring people from all ages across the world (mostly Koreans, Japanese and Chinese) and earn money at the same time. Here's a guide to TEFL jobs for Filipino english teachers.  

10) Are you a skilled worker? Then sell your services at Gawin.ph

If you are a skilled worker then you can sell your services at this website which people visit to look for house cleaners, upholstery cleaners, painters, office movers, electricians, etc. If you know other people who can do it, you can sell their services too for a commission :) (Just make sure these people are trustworthy)

11) Organize small group tours

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

Gather your relatives or friends through a Facebook post and organize a trip that everyone is going to enjoy-- be it a hike up to the mountain, or spend time at the beach. A clean-up drive anywhere would also be lovely and nature-friendly! Ask them for a reasonable amount for each participant where you’ll be able to keep some for your efforts in organizing a pleasant trip.

You can even advertise the trips to foreigners planning to visit the country. Look for facebook groups with foreign travelers looking for tour guides.

12) Sell your products at Zalora or Lazada  

Setting up an online shop is easy but driving traffic and getting people to buy your stuff is hard work. With Zalora or Lazada, you won’t have to do things on your own. Just sign up to sell at their market place and they’ll connect you to their large customer base. Just make sure you have a trusted supplier where you can get all your products from in case they get sold out (and there are big chances it will) :p

13) Create an online forum/facebook group

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

Are you very interested in one thing like automobile, lego, motorcycle, etc? Think about that one very thing which you can’t stop talking about and gather people who are the same. Create a forum and facebook group, talk about it and you can earn from it through advertisements and sponsored posts. Just make sure you moderate the page and keep it free from unrelated posts and spammers.

14) Sell your photos

We all love taking photos as a hobby to post on our IG and facebook page. If it’s that beautiful and is shot using a good camera then people might just hire you to be a freelance photographer. Otherwise, why don’t you sell that photo? Sign up with iStock Photo or Dreamstime to know more :)

15) BUY & SELL CARS - Find an interested car buyer thru social media

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

Sometimes you’ll be able to see your friends post something like: “Looking for a Toyota car dealer in Makati” etc. If you happen to come across one, don’t keep on scrolling. Instead, refer a car dealer that you know or any of your friends know and you can ask for a small commission from him/her for a successful sale.


Same as #17 and refer them to a Licensed Real Estate Broker. This way, you can ask for a referral fee which would vary depending on your agreement which is encouraged to be embodied in a legal document called Memorandum of Agreement. Use your facebook connections!

17) Buy and sell 2nd-hand gadgets

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

There are so many facebook groups where you can buy and sell gadgets. For just a small capital, you can buy one and sell it later on for a price where you can earn from as little as 500 Pesos to as much as 3,000 Pesos :) (Maybe even more if you really got a good deal!)

18) Conduct a webinar

If you’re an expert or very knowledgeable about a specific topic (let’s say Bitcoin or stocks exchange) then you can conduct a webinar and invite attendees for a fee. It’s a seminar conducted on the internet with the attendees being able to ask questions/share their input real time. Watch more about it here from a youtube channel.

19) Invest on stocks

For as low as 5,000 Pesos, you can invest on stocks of publicly listed corporations. It’s a pretty difficult topic to discuss and one paragraph isn’t enough so here's a guide on how to invest on stock market for beginners.

Don’t ask me about Cryptocurrency.. just make sure not to get scammed.

20)  Work as a transcriptionist at Transcribeme or Gotranscript

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

With a working PC/laptop and a headset, you can earn $0.72/minute of transcription with GoTranscript and $20/hour of transcription at Transcribeme. The best part is you don’t need to have an experience. Just sign up, take an exam (where instructions and a little training will be given), and you might get this job.   

21) Answer online surveys

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

Answer online surveys and get paid with Clixsense or Triaba (there are a lot more websites but choose a good one, ok?). Read all the terms and conditions and proceed with the process :)

22) Keep and take photos of your receipt

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

I know most people just throw receipts, some don’t even bother to take a look at it. With Snapcart, you can turn trash into gold. Just download it on your smartphone, take photos of your receipts, and upload it using the app. You’ll then get a cash rebate :) Sounds great, right?? :)

23) Manage social media accounts

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

If you have friends who have businesses but doesn’t have a lot of time to reply to their online inquiries or manage their online accounts, you can ask them to hire you as a social media account manager :) It’s a win-win situation for both of you. Also, you can apply as one in Upwork.com or Freelancer.com.

24) Work as Graphic Designer

If you think you have sufficient photoshop skills, try applying at Upwork.com or Freelancer.com. This is one of the most in-demand skill that employers are looking for! (lucky you!)

25) Work as an Online Web Developer

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

This is another in-demand skill at Upwork.com or Freelancer.com. If you have the knowledge and the skill of web development and design then try your luck. Most clients pay a lot of $$$ for this! :)

26) Be a Content Writer or Editor

If you can write well (plus points if you have experience) about movies, books, travel, etc. then try applying Upwork.com or Freelancer.com too. Some clients ask to write a movie review, restaurant review, book review, ebook, etc. :)

27) Work as a Virtual Assistant (VA)

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

A virtual assistant works as a corporate assistant or a secretary. They basically handle the day-to-day activities of the clients and perform administrative work for them which could include replying to emails, sorting out the schedule, calling out some people, etc. Thousand of listings are posted on Upwork.com and Freelancer.com for this kind of job.

Just go to the search box below and type VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and you can read my article tips.

28) Work as a data encoder

Basic knowledge of Excel is required in this job and mind you, excel has a lot of functions. If you think you have what it takes, then work as a Data Encoder. Again, there are thousands of offers for this kind of job posted at  Upwork.com and Freelancer.com.

29) Be anything you want to be!!!

Assess your skills (whatever it may be!!), hone them, and apply offer your services online… there are a lot of job listings where your skills will definitely fit be it painting, drawing, mathematics, science, etc. If you think you’re skills are not good enough for the job, then there are a lot of short courses on Udemy.com which you can take for free and later on put on your CV :)

29 Legit Ways On How Filipinos Can Earn Money Online

The web could dark and full of terrors--  so be alert of scammers. There’s plenty of them. Yikes!! If the employers ask you to send money to their account first then that is an instant scam. Do not do it! If you think the offer is too good to be true, then that’s a scam too! The reason why employers are outsourcing the job is for them to be able to save on manpower expenses. So if they offer you more than or the same than what they’re offering workers in their country, then that would be a little weird. Don’t worry because some employer pay more once you’ve proven your work ethics so it’s possible to get a pay raise or even a training abroad :)  

What do you think about my list? Anything else you want to share or add? Leave it in the comments! :)

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