Kach Solo Travels Day 23 - 24: Experiencing the Nightlife in Sofia, Bulgaria

“So Kach, how do you meet people when you’re traveling solo?” It’s actually pretty easy if you’re a backpacker since you can meet them in hostels, free walking tours or pub crawls! To be honest, it was waaaay easier for me when I was younger but now that I’m 30 years old.. I just don’t want to meet people to party but now looking to connect with others who I can have great conversations or at least intellectually or spiritually compatible! Ha! Adulting, you know! 😝😬

The reason I love solo travels is that it pushes me more to interact with other people.. well, Jonathan and I made a lot of friends while traveling together but being solo would make you put more effort! 💋

So you already know how I met people during this trip starting in Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Romania.. this time, meet Hristinka. I met her at the Maison Sofia Hotel (Check the Latest Room Rates Here) who is hosting me for 4 days while in Bulgaria.. she’s the Spa Therapist there and she actually just moved to Sofia 2 months ago from her hometown which is few hours away from the capital.

I did a live video the other day and that’s how we started talking! ⭐️ She’s really pretty and very smart.. have a degree in Psychology, 25 years old but thinks and act: more matured than her age! 💋

I have huge respect to massage therapists because as you guys know that before blogging and after quitting my corporate job in 2013.. Jonathan and I went to India in 2014 to become yoga teachers and eventually a certified Ayurveda Massage therapists! That’s how we earned and saved up money again while in Peru and during the early days of travel blogging.. 👍

“What, you Kach, a massage therapist?Argh, you have a university degree (hey you even studied in UPLB!)” - some reactions I received from family back then! Ha! In some other countries, they don’t appreciate the profession because you know some other mentality.. but what other people don’t understand is that doing massages is equal to HEALING! You need to give your positive energy to your client to make it worthwhile 🤗

Anyway, Tinka or I call her Belle (she calls me MULAN!) and I ended up hanging out for 2 nights after he working hours and I even visit her on day time because I go to the swimming pool and sauna in the morning.

She brought me to a really fancy restaurant called The Art Museum that also serves a good white wine sangria and have very friendly waiters! We share a liter of Sangria after dinner last Friday night then went to 2 different nightclubs.. they like pop and hiphop music here! Sofia if you know is a very popular city for nightlife in Eastern Europe if you’re from Western Europe because of cheap alcohol, Bulgarians know how to drink and party (a lot!) and of course beautiful Bulgarian girls! 🤫 So Tinka and I keep ourselves occupied and visited Sugar Club and Tiffany’s Club which is fancier for me and has electronic/ trance/ deep house music which is my thing! We had to pay 10 LIV (or 5 Euro) to enter the club then bought Mojitos for our drinks! 🙂

As you guys know for 4 years, I don’t usually party as I always work on the blog at night but since my Romanian friends influenced me.. I was able to handle my drinks in Bulgaria! Haha! I had a meet up with a reader to bring me to the Rila Monastery the next day but I went back to the hotel on wee hours.. it’s great that it’s safe and easy to get a taxi using TaxiMe app (they don’t have uber /lyft here).. I arrived at my hotel room, called my husband and asked Jonathan to wake me up just in case I won’t be awake to go at 8am! (Well as a little bit responsible adult, I made it to my commitment and wasn’t late but I only sleep for 2 hours! lol!)

After my day trip to the monastery.. I went back to my hotel to have a meeting but to my surprise, Tinka spoke with the management to offer me a free massage and facial spa! And so she did.. it was wonderful! Her healing hands just soothe my back pain (too old to party! haha) and refreshed my face then I invited her to have dinner with me after work! She brought me to the Sky Lounge & restaurant called The Corner which is 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel.. had some food and Piña Colada for me! Not planning to party as I’m leaving for Macedonia the next day! 🙂

Really enjoy my conversations with her talking about healing, past life, regression, psychology, plans in the future, my kittens (of course!!!hahaha! 😬) and her dog! 😂 Can’t believe I was talking to a 25 year old like that because when I was 25, I was just getting started with my backpacking days and all I talked about was where I’ve been and where I’m going next! Lol!🤪🤪

Anyway, to all 30s out there.. we’re not that old and boring which I thought I became after prefering watching tv and a glass of wine than socializing! 😬

This is definitely my best memories of Sofia, Bulgaria aside from the beautiful city centre and yummy food! ❤️

How about you guys.. how do you meet friends during your travels (or maybe like me who met my dream guy who is now my husband while traveling) ? Do you have photos and stories? Are you still connected? Share them below! ❤️

Kach Solo Travels Day 23 - 24: Experiencing the Nightlife in Sofia, Bulgaria
Kach Solo Travels Day 23 - 24: Experiencing the Nightlife in Sofia, Bulgaria
Kach Solo Travels Day 23 - 24: Experiencing the Nightlife in Sofia, Bulgaria
Kach Solo Travels Day 23 - 24: Experiencing the Nightlife in Sofia, Bulgaria
Kach Solo Travels Day 23 - 24: Experiencing the Nightlife in Sofia, Bulgaria
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