Kach Solo Travels Day 57: Cancelled Flight from Geneva to Belgrade... One night stay in Switzerland!

Have you ever experienced a cancelled / delayed flight? My night flight was cancelled the other day from Geneva, Switzerland to Belgrade, Serbia!

I was planning to explore Geneva because I’ve only been to Zurich in 2016 but I ended up working online the whole day at the airport! Oops 😂

We were already on the plane and was delayed for more than an hour or so until they declare that we couldn’t fly that night so we disembarked and have to go to customer service so they can arrange some of the people’s hotel for the night (not for the locals) 💋

I was pretty chilled because you know safety is more important than anything else, I have to contact my hotel in Belgrade though that I won’t be arriving (luckily they understood and still agreed to extend my stay instead!!)

Well easyJet, not bad for a free 3-star airport hotel.. I got a good bath too and a glass of prosecco for the night! Had to wake up at 5am to catch the early morning rescheduled flight! But I think there’s this EU law that says they should pay for the hassle! I have to research! 🤔

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