Liveaboard Life Day 96 - 97: Unexpected Boat projects and our floating “slum” (s/v Empress)

Our last day of May was full of work.. we found out that our bilge pump is broken and we have a hose that is leaking, glad we have 2 spare bilge because it’s expensive to buy here. For others who are new on sailing terms like me, Bilge pump is use to pump out the water that is coming inside the boat so to make sure the boat will still be afloat or can anyone explain it better? Haha!

Jonathan had to call our friend, Blayde, to help us and we owe him big time! Aside from that, I have to finish my pending clients for May! There’s a water shortage in the marina so we couldn’t use the washing machine.. we wanted to hire a local lady for our clothes but they are now higher fees! Haha! So Jonathan decided to wash some of our clothes that we use on daily basis, towels and a bed sheet!

They’ve been hanging on the deck of the boat and he just called s/v Empress a floating slum! Lol! 🤣

Glad though that we celebrated another Friday night with friends,Stacy and Matt from s/v Roxy dog, aboard their catamaran! Aha, the space of their boat and with 3 bedrooms (berth)! Matt even let Jonathan borrow some tools to use for our boat work this weekend! They have everything on their boat since they have a lot of storage space! I really want a multihull but for now, we’ll just learn everything to learn aboard our monohull sailboat and visit our friends’ catamarans! Haha! ⛵️🤗

Hope next week, our workload will go back to normal as we have a lot of roadtrip plans with our sailing friends! 🤙🏽👫🏍🏝

Liveaboard Life Day 96 - 97: Unexpected Boat projects and our floating “slum” (s/v Empress)