Sailing Life Day 332: Boat Life in Ponce, Puerto Rico ⛵️

We're still in Ponce and after our Hilton staycation and my saturday solo adventures! Sunday was another fun day for us..😍

We decided to move our sailboat inside the harbour so it will be safer for the bad weather coming this week.. Jonathan made friends with local fishermen here who gave us a free mooring ball access so we don't need to drop our anchor!

Then Jonathan finished on working on his another boat upgrade - replacing all of our windows with his new design! He's been doing amazing with boat work so asked him ti leave the sailboat and we went to Ponce Yacht club for lunch and talked to the staff and they allowed us to use their wifi and swimming pool with showers! woohoo!

We also found out that they have laundry service that we can use and it's cheaper than other places we've been.. time for laundry for me! 😍

By dinner, our friends Rafa and his wife drove to meet us for a sushi night! So happy to see them again after all the help they did for us last time 😍

We'll be staying here for a week before we head to the Virgin Islands.. our sailing friends are already on their way but we're actually waitng for new parts of our windlass to arrive so we'll just enjoy this week meeting new people and hanging out with our other local friends 😍 it's more than a month now since we arrived in Puerto Rico and we're loving it here! ⛵️🏝

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Sailing Life Day 332 Boat Life in Ponce, Puerto Rico5.jpg
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