Jonathan on a Solo Trip to Western Japan Day 4: Arrived in Osaka! 😍

Jonathan's Day 4 exploring Western Japan with Visit Japan and he arrived in Osaka! πŸ˜

Read his story below πŸ˜˜

After starting the morning with a pre breakfast session in the On Sen (hot spring baths), we left the hotel to drive to Japan's one and only sanddune in Tottori. Even though it was raining we had a great time there and had an amazing view over the Sea of Japan, we were supposed to go on a camel ride.

Only a few minutes away was the Karoichi fish market, which specialised in 'snow crab', very similar if not the same as King Crab.

We had lunch at the seafood restaurant right next door, so it really felt like we were eating the freshest food straight from the market!

From there we jumped back on the bus and it was time to drive to Osaka, as our time in Japan was coming to an end...

Arriving in a big city was quite a culture shock after spending most of our time in rural areas and smaller towns. The area we went to for dinner was busy with bustling people, bright lights and colorful signage.

It's been an amazing first visit to Japan and we will definitely have to come back soon!

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