Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Arrived in Cartagena, Colombia

Back in one of my favorite countries in the world.. did you know that Jonathan and I lived here in Colombia (Bogota to be exact) for almost 7 months last 2015? 😍

After 4 years, I'm now here in Cartagena (again!) and will be traveling solo for 2 weeks. Back to the country that changed our lives!!

Colombia will always be a special place for both of us.. our sailing trip from Panama to Cartagena, Colombia via San Blas Islands was our first time on a sailboat trip where we got engaged and Jonathan started dreaming of having his own sailboat. It's in Cartagena where we celebrated our engagement for a week!😍

Colombia is where we became officially "digital nomads", it's here when we built our travel blog (Two Monkeys Travel) properly.. here, we were able to get sponsored trips including flight tickets, to write and built a following of readers.

Also in Colombia where I got my USA Tourist visa on my PHL passport! This was totally unexpected but they gave me 10 years when I applied in 2015! It was a gamechanger as I was able to travl to the States, all Central America and the Caribbean without any hassle.

I'm so happy that after 4 long years.. I'm here again dreaming bigger for the next 4 years! How I wish Jonathan is here with me but you know, someone has to look after the cats - Captain Ahab & Little Zissou😜🤣

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