Visa Requirements for US Citizen - Visa Required Countries that American Passport Holders NEED TO APPLY For a Tourist Visa to Enter the Country

The US Passport is a powerful key to travel the world. A previous post discussed Visa-free countries for US Citizens. However, there are a few countries an American Citizens needs a Tourist Visa to enter.

We will be discussing which countries require a visa for US citizens. You will have a complete list of countries and also visa requirements for US citizens so that you can travel all over the world.

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Though each country has different VISA Requirements, there are common documents that you can prepare for your visit:

1. Passport valid for at least six months (with two or more vacant pages)

2. Filled Up Visa Application Form (you can check the embassy’s website)

3. Passport Photo

5. Payment for VISA FEE




  • Bhutan

Note: You need to arrange a pre-booked tour with a tourist agency in Bhutan as the tour operators are the one who can apply for you. Do not worry; you will not send your passport but only a digital copy. Purchase & confirm your air-tickets with Drukair or Bhutan Airlines.

  • China

Additional Requirements: Itinerary: Airline booking (round trip) and proof of a hotel reservation

Visa Fee: $160 for Single Entry, $140 for Multiple Entry for 6 Months

  • Iran

Note: Book a trip through a travel agency and submit an application online for an authorization code. Apply within 30 days of receiving your code.

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  • Iraq

Additional Requirements: Official letter stating the purpose of travel, duration of stay. Provide also a valid phone number

Visa Fee: $150 for single-entry visas

  • Russia

There are other ways you can enter Russia visa-free by going on a cruise or a ferry to St Petersburg that would allow you to stay for 72 hours visa-free.

Additional Requirements: Letter of invitation for visa support – a confirmation from a Russian hosting travel agency or hotel registered with the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism

Visa Fee: $160

  • Saudi Arabia

Lately Saudi Arabia are doing events that would allow you to get an e-visa like the F1 event.

Note: Saudi Arabia doesn’t issue a Tourist Visa yet. Instead, you need to have a Visitor Visa where you need an official invite from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The one person you will visit must contact MOFA to have an invite issued.

Visa Fee:  $150 for single-entry visas

  • Afghanistan

Additional Requirements: State in detail the nature of your tour and places you intend to travel in Afghanistan

Visa Fee: $160, 30 days

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  • Turkmenistan

Note: Appropriate proof of identity (such as a personal ID or a driver’s license), you need to contact a tourist agency and obtain permission from them

Visa Fee: $35 for single-entry up to 10 days

  • Yemen

Additional Requirements: Copy of Return Ticket or Itinerary, Health Certificate/Doctor’s Note

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  • Algeria

Additional Requirements: An invitation letter signed and legalized at a local city hall from your host in Algeria or a hotel reservation

Visa Fee: $160

  • Burundi

Additional Requirements: a confirmed or unconfirmed round-trip ticket or a letter from a travel agency, Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate, Proof of hotel reservation

Visa Fee: $90 Single/Multiple Entry for 30 days

  • Cameroon

Additional Requirements: Copy of flight/trip reservation from airline or travel agency confirming the trip itinerary to Cameroon, Yellow fever immunization certificate, recent bank statement

Visa Fee: $93

  • Chad

Additional Requirements: An attestation from your employer stating the reason for your travel to Chad, clearly marking the date of departure from the US, round trip ticket, or have a valid reservation from a travel agency

Visa Fee: $150 1 month single entry

  • Republic of the Congo

Additional Requirements: Hotel reservation, copy of airline tickets or itinerary

Visa Fee: $200

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Additional Requirements: Invitation letter, notarized and legalized by MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Yellow Fever Vaccination Card, Flight Itinerary

Visa Fee: $175 1 month single entry

  • Eritrea

Additional Requirements: Proof of sufficient funds to cover all expense

Visa Fee: $50

  • Gambia

Visa Fee: $100

  • Ghana

Additional Requirements: Provide two (2) Contact Persons/places in Ghana /Indicate if Hotel/Guest House etc., bank statement, hotel reservation, possible sightseeing places

Visa Fee: $60 Single Entry

  • Guinea

Additional Requirements: Yellow fever vaccination certificate, a letter stating the purpose of your trip

Visa Fee: $160

  • Liberia

Additional Requirements: Flight itinerary, Valid Certificate of Immunization

  • Libya

Additional Requirements: Government authorization or approval document to enter Libya (usually supplied by a Libyan tour operator), round trip airline tickets, or itinerary or e-ticket, or letter of confirmation from a travel agent,

  • Mali

Additional Requirements: Yellow fever certificate

Visa Fee: $131

  • Niger

Visa Fee: $155

  • Nigeria

Additional Requirements:  A formal typed letter stating the purpose of the visit and full itinerary, signed and dated, addressed to the Nigerian High Commission Embassy / Consulate, most recent bank statement, paid flight in and out Nigeria, proof of accommodation

  • Sierra Leone

Additional Requirements:  Evidence of Yellow Fever Vaccine

Visa Fee: $160

  • South Sudan

Additional Requirements:  Official LETTER FROM YOUR ORGANIZATION and or Invitation letter addressed to the Embassy of South Sudan from your organization in South Sudan, explaining the purpose of your travel

Visa Fee: $160

  • Sudan

Additional Requirements: A Hotel or Travel Agency based in Sudan, Yellow fever and cholera vaccinations

Visa Fee: $154


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  • Australia

Requirements:  Apply for an Electronic Travel Authority online: you must have your passport, email address, and a valid credit card to complete the online application.

  • Nauru

Additional Requirements: Return Ticket, Hotel Booking, International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever

Visa Fee: $154

South America

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  • Venezuela

Additional Requirements:  Letter of bank certifying the account, original employer certificate specifying the salary, copy of return ticket or travel certificate by agency

Restricted Countries

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  • Cuba

Note: Tourist travel to Cuba remains prohibited. You must obtain a license to enter Cuba.

  • North Korea

Note: Travel is restricted; you must get a special passport from the US Federal Government

  • Syria

Note: Visa currently not available to US residents

We hope you now know which countries require a visa for US citizens and VISA requirements for US Citizens! For US Passport Holders, there are only a few countries where you need to apply for a tourist visa. However, there are travel bans for a few countries that hopefully will be lifted so you can travel to all countries.

If you want to check out Visa-free countries for US citizens, read this article! Happy travels!