Sailing Life Day 392: We're almost FREE!! 😍

Just shipped most of our things back from Puerto Rico to Jonathan's brother in the UK! His brother helped us buy our car and now will be keeping our boxes until we picked it up on our return to Europe.. Jonathan will drive the car from the UK to our next home!

Can't believe how expensive it is to ship things back from the Caribbean.. we were tempted to just leave everything until we got a good deal after my husband figured out that you can use "consolidated shipping" for business to business than for personal use!

We went to PF Chang's for lunch and I had The Cheesecake Factory's red velvet as well.. my diet is ruined but we had to celebrate!! 😱😱🤣🤣

Now the focus is on selling our sailboat.. really tempted to just drop the price so we can sell her faster.. it's so hard to sell a boat during this time but just praying we'll find someone who is perfect for her!! Wish us the best po 😍

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