Sailing Life Day 12: Walking around Nassau, The Bahamas

Fun and really productive days so far here in NASSAU, Bahamas.

Since this is going to be the last “major” City that we will be visiting during our route in the next 2 months..we decided to just do another big grocery shopping day (did a live video).. every locals says that a foreigner like me should not walk in the alleys on my own.. so unexpectedly took a taxi back and forth to the supermarket but it’s great! Able to buy our meat and veggies supply so we can eat until we learn how to catch our own fish and lobster! Haha 🤪

In the afternoon, we had our sailing crossing celebration with Rum and dinner at our sailing friends’ boat, S/V Kestrel! Beth and Clarence has been teaching me and Jonathan to be organized on our boat so I woke up at 4am earlier to start organizing our maintenance log and preparing the Captain’s log for Jonathan! Haha ⛵️ Then we went out to eat breakfast nearby with our friends (S/V Kestrel and Stuart of S/V Moonshadow) and walked around under the bridge to the Paradise Island to look for fresh veggies and the conch (learned to know the difference between a female and male conch! hehe!).

Afternoon today were spent cleaning Empress and replacing the oil and fuel filter.. seems like Jonathan is really enjoying his never-ending boat projects while Captain Ahab spent most of his time watching people passing on our boat!

The weather is still not great to cross to the Exumas islands so we will be moving to another marina in the South East of Nassau to wait for a weather window!

Hoping that the next things we’ll learn are anchoring (staying in marinas are getting more expensive, the more popular the destination is) and how to increase our speed! slowly but we’re getting there! ❤️

I’m not fond of big cities but it’s really convenient for provisioning so maximizing our time here before the island hopping life! haha ❤️⛵️👫

Anyone been to Nassau, any tips for us? 🙏