Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

When we make the decision to leave our lives behind to travel the world, there are 101 different things that could be driving us to take the leap into the unknown – excitement, adventure, curiosity, the challenge, a desire to overcome personal fears… We find a lot of things along the way, but the one thing we rarely expect to discover is someone else with exactly the same goals, ambitions, motivations, fears and expectations from life. We often think that travel and relationships just won't work out.

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

We wrongly believe that the short-term, transient life of travel has to translate into short-term, transient relationships, but the truth is that by deciding to leave behind a life of pretending to be happy doing things that you don’t really want to do, and discovering what really inspires you and makes you happy, then you’re more likely than ever to discover someone else who does exactly that. So when you do, don’t just write it off as another passing moment in a series of short-term, transient adventures. Give it the chance it deserves, explores it like you would explore an amazing new culture, and make it a part of your adventurous life, not merely a distraction from it. Then, when you’re sure it’s right, make sure you make it last! Here are 8 reasons to marry the girl you met while traveling - travel and relationships

1. She’ll always be interesting

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

If you love to travel, then it’s probably safe to assume that you like interesting people. After all, that’s one of the most commonly stated reasons for traveling in the first place, “I want to meet interesting people from around the world!” If you’re going to choose to spend your life with one person, why not one of them?

2. Shared experiences

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

Shared experiences are the things that bring us together and keep us together. Memories of experiences you shared and challenges you faced are something that can never truly be explained to people who weren’t there, but there can be remembered and relived with someone who was, often by little more than a knowing glance at each other across the room.

3. You’ve passed every test

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…Almost! With the possible exceptions of childbirth and some other major life events, if you’ve been traveling together for a while, then you will already have faced some pretty challenging situations together. Corrupt border officials, robberies, illness, hospitalization, are all possible scenarios you might have faced traveling together. Even a long train journey in India can put a strain on things!  But if you’ve already been through any of these things and come out stronger on the other side, then chances are you can handle anything else together too.

4. You know her as well as it’s possible to know anyone

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

Only several people could rival your knowledge of this woman – her parents, or her twin sister if she has one! You’ve seen her with all the masks and falsities stripped away; no make-up, no straightened hair, no branded clothes or social clique. You’ve seen (and heard) her sweat her way through several days of debilitating food poisoning. You’ve seen her lose her temper when she’s exhausted and you’ve seen her ecstatic with happiness and excitement. You’ve seen every side of her and you still love her.

5. You’ve seen each other change as people

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

There are many clichés about travel and personal growth, but clichés are usually clichés for a reason. As you travel through new countries and cultures, meeting new people and learning new things, you inevitable change, usually for the better. Your mind opens and your perspective broadens. You become more inspired, more creative and gradually things which seemed impossible just become more possible. You’ve been able to see each other go through that process, to watch the changes as they happen and be there in moments of realization.

6. The experience you can share with your children

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

Out of every experience in life, there’s a lesson, sometimes two! So, the more experiences you have traveling together, the more you learn about life in the process to teach to your kids so they grow up to be open-minded, understanding and with the same thirst to learn about the world that you have. Of course, this assumes you want children, but if not, just borrow someone else’s kids and teach them instead!

7. You’ll always surprise each other

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

Crazy ideas that take you out of your comfort zone go hand-in-hand with traveling and are a part of what make the lifestyle so exciting. If you’ve traveled together for a long time, then this has just become a part of your daily life and even when you eventually settle down in some way, the crazy ideas will keep resurfacing just to keep you on the edge of your seat!

8. You were brought together

Travel and Relationships: 8 Reasons to Marry a Girl who Travels

Traveling has a way of inspiring sudden, spur of the moment decisions. In fact, there’s a good chance that one or more of these ideas is what brought you together in the first place. Perhaps you were planning to head north to Chiang Mai, but you met some people in a bar in Bangkok and decided to take the old wooden train to Cambodia instead, which set you on a course to collide with each other in the peace and tranquility of one of Cambodia’s paradise islands. It would be a shame to waste that kind of serendipity!

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