Thrive, Don't Just Survive, with Thrivous Supplements

There comes a point in our lives where we can’t control our emotions, we tend to forget things, and we even don’t have the amount of focus to keep continuing what needs to be done. And you know what the cause is – lack of sleep. But if you’re the type of person who has lots of engagements or appointments to attend, you would want to look for that reliable natural supplements that would guarantee you to boost your mood, focus, and even your memory even when you lack sleep.

My husband Jonathan and I have been a traveler and a blogger for quite some time already, and we both lived and still live a very active lifestyle. There were those days where we were very young, energetic, partied all night, and very much were able to multitask without losing any focus. But as time passed, and responsibilities started piling, we started to do what couples usually do when both get less sleep, and it’s not very idealistic to think about: arguments from too much stress, getting distracted even with the least of things and even forgetting about where I placed my pen. That was when we finally decided, we must do something about this and we needed to cut this cycle. We are so used to being very active in every adventure we partake paying the least attention to a little rest and less on the impact of this in our cognitive health.

To finally kickstart our plan to restore and improve our lifestyle, we narrowed down which habit wasn’t very healthy to pursue:

“Lack of sleep due to irregular resting time zone or lack of the normal eight (8) hours of sleep.”

Insomnia due to your body being conditioned to resting within a few hours time or even late at night, it may not be that easy to solve. With all of this talk about insomnia and lack of rest which could be the source of our never-ending mood swings – even for guys, sparked the interest of this company called “Thrivous”: a human enhancement company which thrives on improving the body and mind of an individual through natural-made products. The company was founded by Lincoln Cannon, CEO, who is a philosopher, technologist, and an expert of leadership consulting and entrepreneurial roles in high tech industries.


In our recent live video, Jonathan showed the four bottles of supplements that Thrivous sent us. These are natural supplements made from ingredients like herbs, minerals, and more which are designed to help enhance your mood or your energy.


Helps you concentrate and keep your mind more focused. It is also opted to improve one’s memory and mood designed to support brain function and complement the other nootropics that Thrivous developed and brought to the market.


If you have trouble sleeping, this nightly nootropic will help take care of your insomnia. By taking it you will have a more relaxed sleep during the night before so you when you wake up the next day, you will be able to get a grip on your focus. It promotes calm feeling and enables one to sleep to give you that boosted focus the following day. This vitamin is made best to complement “Clarity”


A supplement with Ginseng and Caffeine which are manifested to help your brain functions in focus but is also more focused on giving you that surge of energy you need to continue your day. It is designed for occasional use to fire up your energy and focus for Surge is designed for occasional use to increase energy and focus, and to reduce side effects from caffeine


A daily nootropic made from Ginkgo Biloba, a traditional natural Chinese herbal remedy that helps you keep your energy up even and your brain functioning for an extended period of time. Designed to complement the other three products: Surge, Clarity, and Serenity.

About Thrivous

The company is run by a 2-decade technologist and CEO, Lincoln Cannon, and has a mission to unleash the potential of both technology and natural ingredients; like vitamins, herbs, and minerals in improving a human’s mental (brain) and emotional (mood) health. With that said, they combined the collective judgment from the experts with the use of hi-technology to create a safe supplement to maintain a sustainable business - ensuring that the manufacturing process that the  products being supplied go through, is proven environmental-friendly.

Their products will help you live out your daily routine while bringing out a more vigorous you with positive outcomes as it improves your focus, mood, and cognitive functions through memorization. To sum it all up, the company wants its customers to thrive.

Why Should We Choose Thrivous?

Assuming the skeptical mind of a curious human on the effectivity of the products, quality ingredients such as Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and more which are known for their effectivity even as a lone herb - how much more when it is finally combined with other advantageous consumables that would leave a more escalated and longer lasting function in assisting  us and producing impressive results.


By witnessing the upper hand of this product by ourselves from other disheartening nootropics displayed in the market, we were able to say that this product is truly worth anyone’s investment - and the materials used are vegan. Each of the four products we featured has their advantages that it could stand alone or would also complement the others to enable you to perform in your best possible condition. After all “when you put to mind the improvement of your health through a trusted quality vitamin as your capital, you breed quality results.”


Note: We were provided with these products for review, however, all views and opinions are our own! =)

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