Passport Stamps on my Philippines Passport After 10 years of Around the World Trip

For those of you who are new readers of the blog and wondering about my background on why I’ve been writing articles about visa applications and offering my professional service as a travel coach.. here’s the proof 😜 4 passports with all of my passport stamps and visa! 🙏

Got my first passport in DFA Lucena in August 2008 and the first time I left the Philippines was in May 29,2009 when I went to Kuwait after my college graduation.. Yep, never traveled before that and I was already 20 years old during my first international travel! Now, 10 years later with 4 passports that I was able to renew during my travels around the world (Kuwait, London & New York)... I’m very happy to say that my Philippines passport has brought me to 121 countries in all the 7 continents with countless of visa applications and no history of rejection ❤️ Thanks be to God!!! 😍

Very grateful for all the lessons learned! I know you guys can do it too! Never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.. you’ll never know what’s ahead of you! Remember, dreams do come true and it’s never too late or too old to chase your dreams! ❤️🙏

10 Year Challenge (2009 vs 2019).jpg

2017 to 2019 travels.

I had to renew my passport in Philippines Consulate General in New York since I’d be needing to apply for more visa in Africa and now with the new passport, I have 10 years validity compared to 5 years in previous passports ❤️

You can renew your Philippines passport anywhere in the world as long as there’s a Consulate office or Embassy and as long as you have a valid visa on that host country.

10 Year Challenge (2009 vs 2019)

3rd Passport: I got married to Jonathan in 2016 so I had to renew my passport and change my last name to his. I did it in Philippines Embassy in London. This time (2016 to 2018) on this passport, I’ve traveled to 7 continents!

I also applied for a 10 year UK Tourist visa.. and yes, it’s not true that when you married a British citizen then you’ll automatically become British.. you have to live and work in the UK for 5 years first! But we’re traveling around the world so won’t be working in the UK for now 💋 Let’s see if it will change.. I’m always proud to be a Pinay traveler!

10 Year Challenge (2009 vs 2019)

Oops.. still captured my 1st passport.. On my second passport was renewed in Kuwait where I lived for 4 years prior to long term travel, things changed in 2015 when I unexpectedly got an approved USA visa while in Bogota, Colombia! That changed my traveling life as I was able to visit and transit to more countries!

10 Year Challenge (2009 vs 2019)

First passport and while working in Kuwait.. I was able to travel to 12 countries in the Middle East (Lebanon, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain), Armenia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey and Kurdistan, Iraq.

Then after working in Iraq for 5 months, I decided to quit and leave everything behind to go backpacking for 6 months.. almost 6 years later, I'm still here 😂

10 Year Challenge (2009 vs 2019)

My 10 year USA visa was on my 2nd passport while my 10 year UK visa was on my 3rd passport.. so I just have to bring them all when I travel because they are still considered valid with my recent passport. 

Yep, you can do it too and you don’t need to ask them to re-stamp it.

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