Sailing Life Day 3: Boat Projects while in Bimini, the Bahamas

Tadaaaaaa... what do you think of our sticker? S/V Empress has her name printed now, and yes, I’m going to fly my Philippines flag that Jonathan had made three years ago in Costa Rica.. that was his first gift to me when I went to travel solo to Nicaragua.

Jonathan designed our vinyl sticker, and the logo is the Vegvesir, a pre-Viking Icelandic Wayfinder symbol. Most of its exact meaning is still shrouded in mystery, but later records from the Vikings suggest that they adopted it with the belief that any ship, or person, carrying this symbol would never be lost. Useful for Jonathan then, because he has a reputation for getting lost and driving for miles in the wrong direction for absolutely no reason at all! ❤️⛵️

P.S. Yes, I’m flying my Philippines Flag since 1/2 of the owner is a Pinay! Unlike what other people thought, I still have and will always only have a Philippines passport since we’ll not be living in the UK (and I won’t become British). Will be doing a story later on Instagram which I plan to do every night before I sleep! So our little family is British Daddy, Filipina Mommy and American Cat with American registered-boat that is made in Finland with Icelandic symbol on our name/logo! Oops! Haha 🤪⛵️

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