Sailing in Greece - the islands that you really cannot miss and why!

When it comes to sailing, you could venture around the Greek islands for your entire life and probably still not see them all. That may be somewhat of an exaggeration but with over 6000 of them (only 227 of which are inhabited), it's not far off the truth.

Sailing Greece - the islands that you really cannot miss and why!

There are so many beautiful ones out there so it can be difficult to know where to begin. Let's break it down to suit individual sailors and their traits.

The food lovers

Traveling is all about experiencing new cultures and what better way to do so than by sampling local Greek food? Any of the Greek islands can provide your diet with delicious fresh fish and plenty of olive oils but we're especially partial to the island of Crete because we think they do things best - especially when it comes to dolmades and tzatziki. Not sure these words mean? See if you like these dishes before you go, by ordering from Deliveroo. Oh, and if it's drinking you're after? You're going to want to head to Lesvos. They produce the best ouzo (Greece's traditional alcohol) around. Yum!

The snap-happy social media lovers

If you love a good Instagram photo as much as the next person, Santorini will make your stories sparkle. When you see it for yourself, you'll understand why it's featured in many movies and films and why it makes for a perfect honeymoon spot.

The view is stunning, the seas are blue and the architecture is absolutely unrivaled. It should come as no surprise that Santorini's allure has captured the hearts of all who visit, which is why the island was voted Europe's best for 2017, and indeed, fifth in the entire world. It's probably impossible to take a bad photo here... but don't hold us to that!

The party lovers

Sailing Greece - the islands that you really cannot miss and why!

Sometimes people like to let loose and you know what? The Greek islands can be a great place to do that. If you're looking to party, there are plenty of places you'll be able to have fun. However, for a really good time, lots of people recommend Mykonos. No matter what time it is (day or night), there will always be something going on. While it's still sunny, you might find yourself catching some rays with a few drinks at one of the many beach clubs. At night, you can head on down to Mykonos Town. The bars are trendy and cater to all kinds of musical genres - and they're inclusive, catering to LGBTQIA+ partiers with lots of gay bars, too. Wild parties, great DJs and plenty of new and interesting people to meet, you can party until the sun comes up... and get ready to do it all over again. If you're going to do it somewhere, it might as well be somewhere as beautiful as this.

The islands are many and so are the activities on offer there. From the dulcet blue and white of Santorini to the exuberant nightlife of Mykonos and food to die for, make the Greek islands your next destination: so many people say they would love to sail away and if you're in the position to do so - make them envious!

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