Sailing Life Day 7: Royal Coastguard of The Bahamas aboard our sailboat in Bimini!

Funny story of our Captain Ahab yesterday.. the Royal Coastguard or Navy (how do you call them again?) of The Bahamas boarded our boat yesterday while Jonathan Howe was outside.. he’s a big guy!

Officer: Do you have any weapons?
Kach: We don’t have any but I have a cat!

(Looked at Ahab who was on “attack mode” but he’s a very sweet kitten)

Officer: Will he attack me?
Kach: No, he’s a kitten.. just curious about you! Hahahaha

(Captain Ahab: I’m watching you, Officer!)

Hahaha! Our cat usually hides to the bed (it’s higher position) whenever there are people but yesterday he sat acting like a big cat beside me.. 😂🤣⛵️🐈 I’ll share the video on the comment below!

Anyway, we weren’t still on a vacation mode this week since we arrived in the Bahamas.. our maiden trip was like our “shakedown cruise” to learn if our boat is really ready.. well she is but there are things that got damaged.. as you know, we’re still new so we don’t have all the more expensive tools to fix the boat but glad our neighbor here from S/V Kestrel (Beth & Clarence) has the tools and they even helped us sew our Mainsail which is really important (we won’t be able to sail if it’s damaged!) with also the help of Stuart (S/V Moonshine).

While Jonathan was busy fixing our S/V Empress, I was busy with my Travel Coaching clients.. I had a full schedule this week helping some readers with visa applications.. can’t wait to get the great news from them! ❤️ That feeling when they tell you how they got the peace of mind after talking to me..woohoo! And it’s also helping us to finance our trip because as you know I’m no longer going on “work campaign trips” since earlier this year. I hope to go to replenish our fund in the next few months after the Dominican Republic.❤️ Still have to work triple time to fund this lifestyle, Jonathan is considering of doing some work again using his skills and hands when we arrive in any "British Territory".

I also spent a lot of days cleaning our mess and redesigning the boat interior while looking after Captain Ahab.. he’s sneaky and jumping to our neighbor’s boat! Maloloka ako kapag mawala to. huhuhu! 🤣

P.S. I’m planning to start a monthly budget breakdown how it is living on a sailboat starting this March. So far, if you want to enter The Bahamas on a boat, you need a boat permit + fishing license, we paid $300 for our 37 ft sailboat. We’re staying in a Marina which charges $1/ft (so $37 per night)... also the cost of diesel and gas! Later I will discuss.. we can’t wait to go to small islands so we can catch our fish, lobster and just be on anchor and enjoy a life of self-sufficiency! We’ll get there.. One step at a time 😂❤️