Sailing Life Day 355: Pre-valentine's date with Jonathan 😍💋

We had to celebrate a day earlier because Jonathan is flying to Japan for a work trip invited by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) to explore Western Japan (Fukuoka, Hiroshima then to Osaka) 😊

I wanted to go as well but no one would look after our two cats.. 🤣 It's so different nowadays compared to our early travel blogging days that we just go wherever and whenever we want but now one have to stay to take care of Captain Ahab & Little Zissou 🤣 unless we're in a place where we can find a catsitter but not here when we are new in the town 😅

Anyway, we rented a car in Salinas (paid $40) and I drove and dropped him at the SJU airport but before that we went to a very fancy Brazillian Steakhouse in San Juan where we had Churrascaria experience.. non-stop eating of meat (you flip to green for more food and to red if you want to stop) 🧐 We've experienced it before and my last one was in New York last year (have you tried it?) 😋

After that, I drove Jonathan to the airport to catch his flight in Fort Lauderdale where he'd wait for his very early flight the next day to Japan which actually would take him 20 hours of travel time with layover 🤪 Hope the unlimited meat would be okay with him 😂

I then drove back to Salinas on my own which took me 75 minutes, jumped on the dinghy then back to the boat! Glad Jonathan taught me mostly everything on how to run the boat and fix minor stuff for emergency so he's fine with me staying here with the cats. ⛵️🤟

Let's see and I'm excited to share more photos of the beginning of his solo adventures this year then of course our upcoming roadtrip with the cats 😊🙏

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