Sailing Life Day 26: Off the hook and Overnight Sail to Georgetown with S/V Moonshadow and S/V Joshua (Trimaran Tim)

Last 3 days were really awful weather while on anchor but today the wind shifted but we decided to change our route.. instead of going to Blackpoint we’ll just cross the channel and go to Exumas Sound (Atlantic Sea- Deepwater) compared to Exumas Bank (shallow blue water) to reach Georgetown!

We missed snorkeling in the popular Thunderball groto here but it’s okay as I’m planning to do more diving when we reach the other Caribbean countries.. we’re not on a rush but just looking for a more secured anchorage for our boat! It’s been great learning days because that’s the first time we released our 150ft anchor chain and proud to say that we didn’t drag! 🙏🤣 Bahamas is indeed the best place to practice sailing for newbies skills but the place where you really need to be always aware and careful because of shallow water and all the coral reefs (and sharks!lol)!

Last 2 days, Jonathan was the one cooking our meals, glad we have a gimbal stove so the stove moves and balances itself even when we’re swaying! We’ve been eating great food though with fresh veggies.. perks of having a fridge! ❤️

Anyway, we spent this day re-organizing our things for another overnight sail - 12 to 14 hours since we plan to do it slowly and have an early morning arrival in the South of Exumas! ❤️

P.S. To all our nurse and doctor friends, I’ve been having pain on my left wrist and earlier when I had to carry the engine off the dinghy.. it was already painful for months but earlier I couldn’t move it properly afterwards! Is there any advice you can give me? I was “googling” my symptoms and it says it’s like RSI? hmmm 😌🙏🧐 Maybe because I’ve been pressuring myself to do some yoga pose when I still couldn’t carry my own weight! Haha 🤣😂

Sailing Life Day 26: Off the hook and Overnight Sail to Georgetown with S/V Moonshadow & S/V Joshua (Trimaran Tim)
Sailing Life Day 26: Off the hook and Overnight Sail to Georgetown with S/V Moonshadow & S/V Joshua (Trimaran Tim)

Overnight Passage to Georgetown via Exumas Sound

One of the best things I appreciate about sailing is that aside from totally being new concept to me.. this new life just always reminds me that I can’t control everything and I have to learn how to let go.. Jesus takes the wheel (ika nga)!🙏❤️

We did our route planning (we did our part) but the weather will be the one deciding what we can and can’t do.. 🙏

At my age now (turning 30 in July), I can finally say that I have to agree to the quote: “Believe good things will happen, and they will!” and it’s just the best way to move forward in life! Aside from believing that God is there for me while I also practice Law of Attraction & Gratitude. If it’s not then it’s another lesson to be learned! ❤️

Back to where we are... We have to change our route and we already missed some activities while in Staniel Cay after being “stuck” on our sailboat for 3 days.. it’s hard to dinghy around because we have a small rubber boat and the waves were really strong! The positive side though is that, I was able to finish a book and watch netflix aside from catching up with coaching clients! It’s been great though aside from meeting new friends, we’ve learned new things about the boat and projects to do this week!⛵️

We’re now almost in Georgetown after 16 hours of overnight passage.. it’s a popular destination for cruisers and most of the time their last stop before they head back to USA or they live here during the season.. In our case, it’s just a stopover since we are continuing to sail further south! ⛵️

After talking to a lot of our friends and more experienced sailor and warning us that the Ragged Island route to Cuba might be complicated for us since that area was really affected by the last Hurricane and most probably the navigational charts are not updated with the sand changes and new hazards.. well, if we won’t do that we can just go to Dominican Republic via Turks & Caicos! Not a bad idea and from there we can visit Jamaica and Haiti!

Let’s see.. as I said, the weather will tell us what we can and can’t do and I’ve already learned how to let go. Haha! (If you know me personallt then you know I’m a planner and very goals-oriented! During our early travel days, I already planned what I want to see, where I want to go every month! Haha)

Thanks for adding us to your prayers.. here are the 2 photos of the Captains! Yep, Captain Ahab knows how to pose in camera.. meowdel na sya eh! 😂

P.S. Our friends already arrived earlier than us but we’re slower than everyone, still learning about our sailboat and improving our sailing skills! We’ll get there! ❤️

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