Liveaboard Life Day 268: Our Babies!

"Kach & Jonathan, when are you going to have a baby?"

We already have babies.. and two boys!! bwahahaha 😂😂

I asked Jonathan who is his favorite between Captan Ahab and Little Zissou but he said he doesn't have one because they have different personalities.. Ahab is more like Jonathan who is so calm, chill, very independent and will only be sweet on his own terms 😂 While Zissou is definitely like me- crazy energy, always need a cuddle and attention from Jonathan 🤣🤣

Zissou is still taking medicine but he's getting so much better.. we're sailing to Puerto Rico real soon so he needs to be in good health! ⛵️ Sunday was just another normal day behind the blog - catching up with work, emails and replying to your messages 🧐 We're still at the house we got with our sailing friends, only paying $125 per month (250$ in total) for this place! haha 😂

I went to town (hitchhiking) and bought some groceries while Jonathan was changing the air cooler of our sailboat engine! woot! 🥰

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