Kach Solo Travels in 2019: I really love Cartagena

Not able to take a lot of photos since last week as I'm on a personal health trip.. it's not work-related or sponsored so I'm not required to take photos 🤣🤣

I really love Cartagena.. this is where Jonathan and I celebrated after we got engaged in 2015 😍 so cheap, so warm and the Colombian people are incredibly nice! Yesterday, I went on a tour in the Old Town with my new friends and we actually had a fine dining dinner! Yayamanin akech napasabak sa gastusan 😂😂

I'm actually going out today again and do my eyelash and facial treatment because it's too expensive to do in Puerto Rico (still USA territory!) haha 😍

Have you guys ever thought of going to South America? Jonathand and I spent 2 years living in this region and we'll always come back! 😍

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