Liveaboard Life Day 274: Horseback Riding in Samana, DomRep

Went horseback riding today to the El Limon Waterfalls.. one of the popular ones here in the Dominican Republic! 😍

Melvin, the son of the caretaker of Casa Blanca Las Terrenas arranged a tour for us (9 people) this day and it only cost us 550 pesos (500 for the horse / 50 entrance fee = 11 USD) for a 4-hour tour per person 🐎 One of our friends had a mule (mix donkey - horse) and it was too funny to watch moving! 😂

Each way was an hour of a horse ride then a 10-15 min. hike to the main waterfalls where we went swimming! 😍 It was all fun until our friend's drone camera got stuck in a tree in the middle of the forest which we eventually recovered with the help of a local guy climbing the tree! Miracle and funny story to share now! 😂

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