Sailing Life Day 295: Hitchhiking in Samana in Dominican Republic!

As you guys followed our adventures and recently my solo trips.. I do love enjoy staying in nice hotels or properties (esp I grew up not experiencing those) 🌞

But still during my travels, I'd experience and meet the locals! Since my friend, Joanie, is visiting us for 3 weeks.. I was able to bring her with me to the Samana town.

Joanie and I met while I was solo backpacking in South East Asia.. we've met in Vietnam and traveled / studied yoga together in Koh Pah Ngan, Thailand for one month in 2013 - even before Jonathan and I became a couple! After we separated that trip, I flew to meet Jonathan again and the rest is history. Joanie and I used to hitchhike, volunteer in hostels and did cool adventures before.. and glad we're able to do it again 5 years later!

So, we went to town by hitchhiking- we got two motorbikes who stopped to give us a free ride.. bought some groceries, had my haircut, ate a local food for lunch and just had fun talking to locals.. then we took a local guagua on the way back to our luxury marina life.. hahaha! 😍

Sailing Life Day 295 Hitchhiking in Samana.jpg
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