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One of the first things we learn to do as we are growing up, shortly after “going potty” by ourselves, is to tie our shoelaces. Shoelaces have been in existence for so long that they are actually a rite of passage in our journey through life and the ability to tie them by ourselves is used as a measure of our progress and development. Throughout the years, however, it seems that everyone forgot to ask one simple and very important question - “Why are we doing this?” In fact, they were probably all too busy tying their thousand-year-old shoelaces to think about it!

Eventually, however, somebody did think about it. Gastón Frydlewski was in college in Argentina when it suddenly dawned upon him how much he hated tying his shoelaces, which led him to observe the people around and he realized that they all hated it too. That was when he came up Hickies; his solution to never having to tie shoelaces ever again! 

Together with his wife, Mariquel, he moved to New York and they launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their idea off the ground. The campaign went wild and raised $580,000, 600% more than the $25,000 target! 

Fast forward to today and Hickies are changing the way that we wear our shoes. 

We tried out Hickies for a few days, so here’s what we found out:

  • They replace the string laces in pretty much any pair of shoes.

  • They only need to fasten them once, then never again.

  • They adjust to different sizes by attaching them in different ways.

  • They get rid of the issue of tripping over laces that come untied.

  • They look pretty cool in bright colors on a pair of sneakers.

Is there anything wrong with Hickies?

We couldn’t find anything wrong with Hickies - they just work. What we did notice though, was that although they will technically work with any shoe, they don’t look great on formal leather shoes. The synthetic look of the elastic didn’t look very good against natural leather. On sneakers and running shoes though, they looked great! 

Have a look at our live unboxing and testing video of Hickies - #MrHoweUnboxing

Want more? Here are different styles of how HICKIES work, you can also watch it, here.

Cost of Hickies

Prices start at $14.00 for adult shoes and $11.99 for kids shoes. At first glance, this seems a bit much for “a pair of laces,” but we have to remember that this is not a pair of laces at all. What we are paying for is changing the look at feel of our footwear and never having to tie our laces again...Ever! 

Hickies FAQ

1. First, Will It Work In My Shoes?

Most likely, yes! The HICKIES® Lacing System is universal by design and is crafted to work with any shoe, as long as it has eyelets. Wear them with your sneakers, work shoes, boots, and even dress shoes.

2. Do I have to fasten them every time I wear my shoes?

Installing the HICKIES® Lacing System in your shoes is a one-time affair. Fasten only once and your shoes are always ready to go.

3. Are they just one size? How can I make them tighter or looser, like with traditional laces?

A modular design gives you the ability to use different lacing styles within the same shoe based on desired tightness, shoe eyelets, and style preferences.

Learn more about HICKIES, visit their website!

Note: We were provided with these products for review, however, all views and opinions are our own! =)

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