Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Hello from Madrid, Spain!

One more flight and I'll be in Almeria for few days before I return to Madrid again and explore for a day 😍

It's my 4th trip in Spain and always loving my visit so can't wait to share what I'm up to on this trip! My first work trip this 2019 and we actually have a lot lined up in the next few months.. so excited to be back traveling more this year! 😍

I have to leave Jonathan in Puerto Rico because of our two cats and also we have boat viewing this week for potential buyers of our sailboat.. praying we'll get it sold so my husband and the cats can join me on trips! Haha 🤟

Kach Solo Travels in 2019 Hello from Madrid, Spain.jpg
Kach Solo Travels in 2019 Hello from Madrid, Spain1.jpg
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