Liveaboard Life Day 250: Hello from Luperon, Dominican Republic!

 It's been almost a week now since I returned home to Jonathan and the cats 😆

Been out most of the time at night time because of parties and sailors' gatherings! so happy to be with my family and friends again 😍

I've accomplished a lot when it comes to work and household chores (back to my home cooking! 😃😃) and also saw a dentist to get my teeth cleaning treatment and also getting a new "crown"! 😂

I'm trying to shed some of the fats I gained while traveling in Europe so I'm really trying to get into my morning routine of walking and yoga while I also learned that our friends over at Sailing Satori do their HIIT workout so I try to join them!! 😀

Jonathan also just finished installing our new arch - one of the biggest upgrades we've done since we bought Empress! Designed to hold more solar panels, collect rain water and will also serve as davits for our dinghy and outboard engine! ⛵️

5 more weeks and we'll be sailing to Puerto Rico to begin another season of our cruising adventures! ⛵️⛵️ This is it guys, our never ending crazy adventures! hahahah 😀

Hope all of us will have an incredible and productive November! Positive vibes ❤️

Liveaboard Life Day 250: Hello from Luperon, Dominican Republic!
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