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We have been blogging for four years now, and we absolutely love doing it!! It’s just amazing to share our lovely photos, crazy experiences and travel tips to people. But now that some people, especially older ones prefer watching over reading, vlogging is the trend now. It’s better in a way that people see more of the places that people can’t see even in multiple photos.


A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Technical knowledge on lighting, getting a good angle, and a good set of camera and accessories will seal the deal. You’ll also need skills on video editing, as no one would want to watch a ‘shaky’ video, if you know what I mean.

Blogging or Vlogging?


Blogging is our first love, but it wouldn’t hurt to try new things. Blogging and vlogging have pros and cons. You first have to determine your personality. Do you enjoy writing? Or do you prefer being in front of a camera without being conscious at all? Second, who is your target audience? Is it the older people or the younger ones? Third, do you have enough time to travel and to edit videos? Fourth, what about the gadgets, do you have it already or are you planning to buy new ones? Fifth, do you want to do it long term or are you just testing the waters?


One of the challenges of vlogging is that it could be more expensive financially and timewise. You need to have multiple shots so you can pick the best ones for your video, you need good gears (which are often expensive) and most importantly, a lot of time to edit the video. (unless you’re really good at it).


However, the good thing about vlogging is that it’s easy to make an account with youtube or to post it on facebook. No need to be very technical about this, unlike blogging where it’s better to have your own domain.

Good 16.jpg

Since we launched our new website, we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to improve our page and our contents for our readers. We wanted to show you more of these beautiful places. We wanted to reach more people, attract more audiences, and give a new taste to the existing ones through vlogging.

And since we’re new on this field, we didn’t want to invest on expensive and extravagant gadgets for now, we can always upgrade later. We just wanted something that can deliver what prime brands can deliver, but for a cheaper price-- we wanted something from GearBest.

GearBest, Your One Stop Shop


GearBest is an online shop where they sell almost everything you can think of: shoes, bags, apparels, furniture, appliances, gardening tools, pet supplies, jewelry, electrical tools, health and beauty products, toys, automotive, laptops, mobile phones, home decors, party supplies, and bathroom accessories, among many others.


But shopping at their website wouldn’t be complete without the Consumer Electronics Section where you can buy the latest vlogging gadgets like a Digital Voice Recorder, 1 Battery Video Light, Condenser Microphone, External Stereo Microphone, Grip Handle Stabilizer, External Hi-Fi Microphone With Adapter, and the 3-in-1 Photo Studio Kit 4 Lamp Holder 2m Light Stand, all of which I have and all can be bought for an affordable price!

Affordable Yet Uncompromised Quality


Affordability doesn’t always mean you have to give up quality. You can always get both! My gadgets from GearBest are just the best!! We received the items right on time, in good quality and it even surpassed our expectations.


We thought that it would be hard for us to do vlogging since it’s really new to us, and we’re not used to doing it aside from our live videos on facebook. But thanks to our new vlogging babies from GearBest, we were able to do vlogging with ease, no need for several takes! No shaky, over saturated, or over exposed videos for Mr. And Mrs. Howe


The already affordable gadgets can still be more affordable. Just be patient and the item that you’re eyeing might be out on sale! They have flash sales which include daily deals, clearance sales and the $0.99 zone where you can get everything even cheaper! They also have bulk sales and pre-sale, where you can get your products for a special price. So always monitor their page and you’ll never know, you might get your goodies cheaper by 50%!

Will I Recommend Products From GearBest?


Yes! I would definitely recommend buying from this website especially for new vloggers or people who want to try vlogging but are still quite uncertain if they want to do it full-time. Actually, it is recommended for everyone-- housewives, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, travelers, digital nomads, absolutely everyone since everything here could be bought at a cheaper price.


You’ll also save time buying here because everything is just one click away and would be delivered at your doorstep for an affordable shipping fee. They have warehouses in China, Spain, HongKong, UK, and the USA. So you may also check out the Warehouses Option to get the most out of your Shipping Fee.


Our videos posted on Mr. And Mrs. Howe and our soon to be videos wouldn’t be that amazing and easy to make without our vlogging gadgets from GearBest! Up until now, our GearBest babies are still intact. There is no showing of any cracks and every single product are just true as advertised. No false promises from GearBest, just honest to goodness products without ripping you off.


As of now, there are no plans of upgrading yet since our gadgets could really keep up with the major brands. Why splurge when we can get the same quality for a cheaper price, right? ❤

We currently have two vlogs up on our page and we’re adding up more, so feel free to check it out here.❤

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