Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Experience Cruising on your Own

"How is the experience cruising on your own?"

It's actually super fun on a cruiseship as a solo traveler. I highly recommend this to solo female travelers.. why? Remember, you'll never be alone!!

Met a lot of wonderful people on the ship - -> mother- daughter, couples and even Titas from New York! So, I was always with a group aside from dinner time when I have my own table which I actually prefer because the two Kuyas who are serving me are really treating me like a VIP and I even had my adobo (Filipino dish) aside from the fine dining meals they served me! 😍

I also go to the gym every morning and even went on a spa treatment..it's really expensive but worth it as I had a great talk and wonderful healing massage from Pinky (from South Africa).. I booked another spa on my last day!😂😍

There are a lot of shows and activities on the ship to join and watch every afternoon until late at night.. I even danced under the stars with a group of high school teenagers and wished to be young like them again! hahaha 😅😅

One of the most surprising experience is having a special bottle of wine and cheese plate delivered to my room.. didn't know who sent it to me until a lovely reader confirmed it! Her husband sent me this lovely surprise!! Thank you, Ate Rose and Jonathan (her husband) 🙏

More photos and I promise to reply soon because the internet on the ship is $20 per day! hahaha 😂😂

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