Sailing Life Day 313: Moved back from Boqueron to Puerto Real, Puerto Rico

We are getting ready to continue the sailing adventures.. been almost 3 weeks now of holidays here in Eastern Puerto Rico!

Today, we moved back from Boqueron to Puerto Real to get our amazon order packages which includes cat treats and toys for Captain Ahab & Little Zissou but they mostly enjoyed playing with the boxes😜

We went hitchhiking to buy some groceries and cleaning stuff for the boat and had a local Puerto Rican lunch in town! 🤙

Jonathan and I also filled our fuel tank and water tank (75gal) to use on our upcoming passage to the South of the island then will just be short day sailing trips until we cross to the US and British Virgin islands by the end of this month 😍

Woohoo! The adventure continues and I hope to do more live videos 🤣⛵️

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