Sailing Life Day 390: Back to the boat 😍

Our sailor cats are happy to be back on their floating home.. Jonathan had to bring them to the apartment so I could see them when I arrived from Spain 😝😝

Always love watching sunset and sunrise with the cats while chilling on our s/v Empress.. sad to let her go but we already have our flights arranged to Europe.

While I was away, Jonathan also signed a 1 year contract for the apartment we'll be renting (will surprise you which country!) and we also bought a car in the UK (with the help of my bro-in-law) that we'll bring to our next country 😍

We also arranged a roadtrip itinerary with the cats and already have sponsored hotels and tours! yay! for now, we'll just enjoy our last few weeks on Empress while waiting for the next owner (we have viewings last week and this week.. hoping we'll sell her asap!!)💋

The plan is to still live in a house but with more discussion with my husband.. seems like we'll be buying a bigger boat when we arrived in Europe so we can still use it during winter and also to use it as a charter business ⛵️

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