Avianca Airlines Business Class Experience from Bogota to Madrid

I’ve been dreaming of riding long-haul flights while in business class accommodation ever since I started traveling. And guess what? It came true this year! For 51 hours, my travel cycle was jumping from aircraft to airport lounge to another aircraft and it didn’t make me tired – at all. The accommodation made me well-rested enough so jet lags were not in business class trips history for anyone, ever. With its top equipment and privileges, you get to feel special like some big-time executive

Avianca Airlines Business Class Experience from Bogota to Madrid

Although I am currently experiencing these luxuries, my feet are still on the ground in spite of the many blessings I received. I went through a lot of hardships like a normal human would. And with this opportunity right now, I will tell beforehand, on how I did it so people could experience it too!

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Before anything else, I planned this trip ahead. So, I arranged this awesome yet crazy long haul from Miami to Nairobi just to reach East and South Africa with Star Alliance. It was great considering that they were all in business class, which meant it had more perks.

For a backgrounder, Star Alliance is one of the largest global alliances of international airlines. It covers 28 airlines which include, Avianca, EgyptAir, and Ethiopian Airlines – which are the ones I rode on the way to Africa. This global alliance grants its most valued loyal customers rewards in their next travels.

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Rewards may include an upgrade to your class in your next trip, a free airline trip, and more which you can find on their official Star Alliance website.

In a trip that lasted a day, I only booked the ticket from one Star Alliance member airline which is Avianca airlines to obtain an executive/business class accommodation from other Star Alliance Member Airlines.

Why did I choose the Avianca business class?

My longest flight was with Avianca Airlines. I flew in the craft AV9 with the seat number 27A. From Miami to Bogota, we departed by 09:39 and arrived at the El Dorado Airport in Bogota at 12:13 pm. But before anything else, I used the mobile check-in service via their official app.

Anyways why did I choose Avianca? Easy peasy. With their plush chair that inclines and a wider space to stretch my legs, it provided me a more comfortable on-air experience. Booking an economy class before, it has always been a problem for the 9 out of 10 passengers I’ve met whenever they stretch out their swollen legs. Why? The seats were definitely positioned enough to hold hundreds of passengers on the plane. Thus, stretching their legs could mean hitting the seat of the person sitting in front of them – disturbing their sleep or giving them inconvenience.

So if you ever had that feeling where your legs start to numb, it’s because by sitting down, we are already disrupting the normal blood circulation in our legs. Imagine, traveling as a claustrophobic, in a secluded economy class seat, for hours! That will definitely want to keep you walking and rethinking about getting an economy class for an international flight again!

Sure it’s a bit pricey but it has its own benefits like free meals, kits to keep your entire trip duration convenient, the ultimate entertainment, and of course – the best lounge to be in El Dorado airport, the Avianca VIP Diamond Lounge which I will be discussing later on.

Other than that, windows were equipped with a luminosity grading system where you could adjust the intensity of the brightness. You won’t need to worry anymore about the sun’s shine being too harsh to your eyes.

Quality Airline Service

The stewards of the airline were courteous and very attentive to my needs. As a welcome, they gave me a beer and some mixed nuts to munch on. They were also kind enough in handing me a pillow and a blanket for the entire flight duration at the business class cabin. However, as the aircraft is taxiing or about to take flight, these covers and linens are to be set aside.

Avianca Airlines Business Class Experience from Bogota to Madrid

Along with the beddings, a Tumi Comfort kit is also handed for all your in-flight necessities. It mainly contains items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip moisturizer, pen, socks, tissue, headset earpiece cleaner, a black eye sleeping mask to blind out the light, and more!

Flying with a satisfied stomach

To say that their food was just okay is a real understatement to the dishes the plane has allotted for us, passengers. These exceptionally made meals by outstanding chefs made my mouth water and satisfied during my meal – plus I had a great view from my window too.

I chose my meal from an A la Carte menu which are fresh and cold fruit slices, ham and cheese sandwich, and the yogurt with a side dish of a cereal with pecans, for dinner. I spoiled myself with food during the entire flight and yes, they were all appetizing.

Food, after all, comes with good travel. And this airline will give you a classic, gravity-defying culinary experience!

Personal entertainment

For your in-flight entertainment, only at a business class will you have your personal space. A television filled with hundreds of movies to watch for how many hours, a console which can be used as a remote or a route monitor, and your very own cozy headphones which can be found in the cabinet in your business class cubicle.

Movies were clearly original and sounds were superbly clear. The screen was just right and perfect for me.

The VIP Lounge

Being a business class aircraft passenger meant more privileges – that includes chilling at their classy lounge! My experience at the Avianca Sala VIP Diamond in the Bogota: El Dorado Airport made me feel really special.I could describe the lounge it was more of like a private business meeting type of setting with a twist. It had an edgy carpeted floor, comfortable cushioned chairs colored in red, cream, and brown. Here’s how it looked like.

Why a twist? This luxurious lounge served plates of pasta of your preference, healthy fruits slices, a speedy Wi-Fi, good beer or wine, and even liquor! They are yours to enjoy during this relaxing lounge experience.

Avianca Airlines Business Class Experience from Bogota to Madrid

On my part, I sat by the glass window overlooking the arrival of airplanes, with a glass of rich red wine and fruits. I was definitely excited to go to Eastern Africa immediately but I need to chill out before I proceed to Madrid with Avianca Airlines once again!

I was able to grasp this, type of luxurious flying experience with the help of Star Alliance and Avianca Airlines. Truly a blessing.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Avianca Airlines

1. Can I check-in through and reserve a seat?

Yes, you can! Use their Web Check-in service and in 24 hours before your departure, select your available preferred seat.

2. hat payment methods does accept?

Visit their webpage and check their payment methods!

3. Are airport taxes included in the ticket price?

Most of them are. However, there are still countries that will not charge them through the airline so better bring some cash with you!

4. Where can I find flight departures and arrivals online?

Use the “Flight Status” option on the homepage!

5. What is the allowable carry-on baggage allowance?

1 pc. which weighs 22lbs/10kgs. It must not also be larger than 45 inches.

6. Any snacks/meals on the Avianca Airlines flight?

Definitely! Ask the flight stewardess for the menu!

7. How do I join one of the Star Alliance member airlines FFP?

If you are a frequent flyer in any Star Alliance member airline, then you are already entitled to a full access to the whole Star Alliance network – no need to register at any third party program.

8. What should I do when my Star Alliance membership is not recognized?

Take the Frequent Flyer Programme (FFP) card with you or contact your airline's’ FFP for further assistance. Find the contact to them by clicking, here.

9. Can I redeem miles or point rewards on Star Alliance member airlines?

Yes, you can!

10. Can I use miles or points to upgrade my class in Star Alliance member airlines?

Yes but it depends on the availability of the class you want. Check with your FFP for more info about it!


1. Goodbye Economy Class – This is a bit exaggerated but being in a business class will keep your flight experience on top and your legs, more relaxed. Being a passenger here, no one will shake you from your seat just because they want to use the restroom.

2. Undeniably Luxurious Privileges – Being a business class passenger and a frequent passenger of a star alliance member airline, you are entitled to hang out at their classy lounge that serves with delicious meals and cold beverages!

3. Spanish and Filipino language relationship – If you’ve read of the Philippine history, we were under the Spanish rule for a very long time. Thus, some words which we have today are actually borrowed from Spain! And Avianca’s main language is mostly Spanish! The menu was in Spanish but I understood most of it at some point.

4. Warm welcome – Stewardess at the Avianca Airlines were really nice. They even gave me a welcome drink and snack. Talk about great customer service!

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