Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Appointment for my left ankle ❤️

I’m still blessed... went to another appointment for my left ankle here at the BNH Hospital in Bangkok. ❤️

Met a specialist Doctor that my travel insurance arranged and the doctor told me I have Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture (more specific findings than the Doctor in Pakistan told me).. I would be needing to do a surgery and have to rest for up to 6-8 weeks but then another surgery a year later to remove the screw. So, they are going to replace my cast now then would do the surgery when I arrived in the UK next week.

To all nurses/ doctors, out there.. any tips for me so I can recover faster? My sister told me that I’d just need to lose weight! Haha 🤣

I’m still grateful though that with that serious car accident.. I only have this injury. Time for me to stay at home, slow down on my travels and be with my husband and two cats - Captain Ahab and Little Zissou. 😍🦁🐯

(I will write more about my insurance provider.. it’s not sponsored, I paid for my insurance and I will not stop thanking them for the quick assistance.. they didn’t know that I was a travel blogger when I had the car accident! When you travel, always have one!!)