1 month of Lifestyle Blogging -- My November 2016 Income Report!

Hello, guys! What's up? As promised, here's my 2nd monthly income report! 

"I'm very goal-driven, but I know how to accept failure... learn from it then move on!"

If you didn't read my first one, you could check it out here on why I'm publicizing my income report stream for this website (MrandMrshowe.com). If you are following, Two Monkeys Travel,  please note that the income report below is only for MrandMrsHowe and excluding our travel blog!

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First Monthly Income Report - October 2016 (The Beginning)

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love talking about Personal Finance and how I manage our budget and savings. Two months ago we cleared all of our credit card that we used for our wedding expenses and some gadgets that we bought for our online business. Now, we’re back to being debt-free and we're back to focusing on saving for the future. 

Every month I’ll give you an update on my Lifestyle Blog and Youtube channel to show you how it’s progressing and how much I'm earning from it!

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